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    iPads, iPhones, no data, imessage

    Please help. I bought my kids both the 5S for Christmas, my wife has an iPhone 5S too. The kids do not have a data plan. Many of their friends don't have phones, only iPads, so my kids want to use imessage to text with those friends. My wife wants iMessage because she's in iMessage groups...
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    Stuck on black Apple logo

    I just jailbroke my moms ipod 5th gen. I've done an ipad and iPhone today with no problems but this one I did. It completed rebooted and said Done. However it is stuck at the Apple logo black screen. When I plug it to the PC and open iTunes it doesn't know its plugged in. I've held power and...
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    No iMessage

    I figured it out.
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    No iMessage

    Since jailbreaking my ipad mini, i can't imessage anyone. I keep getting message undelivered. Can you help. I've confirm my Apple id and password are correct. Anybody else seeing this? I looked through this thread but didn't see anything.
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    Is iPhone and iOS becoming stale?

    And Benny is paying homage to the guys that have friends who kill their girlfriend and mess up there lives without knowing it. All while manufacturing Crystal Meth. Go figure. :). Love that show.
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    Need my contacts from a phone I sold

    This will work if I can restore my 4s from her 4 backup. I'll let you know if it works.
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    Need my contacts from a phone I sold

    But the contacts are in iTunes and I don't have her old phone. The trick is How to get them out of iTunes to export?
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    Need my contacts from a phone I sold

    Sorry I should have specified. She had an iPhone 4. I backed it up to iTunes. No other contacts backup. I of course told her on many occasions to backup her contacts to Gmail so she'll always have them online.
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    Need my contacts from a phone I sold

    So I sold my wife's iPhone. She now owns a non Apple phone. I backed up her iPhone before I sold it. How do I get all her contacts from that backup without the phone? Thanks for your help. (Steam coming out of her ears right now)
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    I cannot stand Facebook

    I almost never post on Facebook. I have a small group of friends including my buddies and their wives. We are all friends on Path. We don't add other friends for the most part, just the small group. We don't need the (Facebook filter) where you got to watch what you say because your...
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    Jailbroken but need to send back to Apple for Dead Battery

    So my son's Ipod battery is dead. I have called Apple and it's covered but I need to ship it to them, (no store close by). The only time the Ipod turns on is when its plugged into the wall. It will not turn on while plugged into the computer. I want to restore it so it removes the jailbreak...
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    How to decline calls in locked screen?

    I didn't know you could reject a call stopping it from hitting voice mail with out answering it and the hanging up. I simply tap the volume down toggle button on the side while locked to silence the ring when I'm not answering my bosses calls . Shhhh.
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    Dead Battery

    It's iPod gen 4. Less than a year old.
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    Dead Battery

    My son's iPod will only stay on when plugged into a wall outlet. The second you unplug it, it turns off and will not turn on again until you plug it back in. I tried it in the PC but it doesn't know its attached. I tried holding down both buttons for two minutes but no result until its...