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    anySIM: unlock your iPhone

    ditto, im just doing this to show off to my stupid friends who think i took 2 hours to do it and win a bet that i made with them :P
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    New Summerboard Update

    ohh well yeah thats the same thing but you posted it while i was writing my post above... so i didn't no. sorry or useless posts. :foot:
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    New Summerboard Update

    hit "hide dock labels".. and it will be back to normal. that is the only way i no how, sacrifice 4 dock labels for it.. i suggest u get rid of the dock labels,they are pretty useless anyways. :2cool:
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    Transferring iPhone backup from PC to Mac

    thanks for the help everyone ?
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    Quite Possibly the Most Annoying Video Ever

    ive noticed this also. and he says he will give some "favors".. is this some type of online protestition video or something !? jesus this needs to be flagged. poor kid..
  6. psychoticpanda - WOW

    i just tested it out. thanks for the advice ! a big difference from that site is very boring and useless for the iPhone !
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    Funniest thing EVER. a MUST read.

    my friend was over my house a few days ago and we were in the pool.. he is like the funniest kid i no taught me something.. flick your nipple on the tip and count to 7.. after the 7 seconds your nipple should be like rele hard. i was cracking up that he told me this out of NO where.. he is VERY...
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    do we need this section anymore?

    wait, when did the iPhone come out ? haha
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    I dropped my iPhone!

    the FIRST day.. of using my iPhone skin i dropped it flat on the back part of the skin from my ear down about 5 feet and some to the cement floor ! :angry: thank god for that case..
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    This is crazy (worth the watch)

    VERY long video. but worth it. thats amazing ! :laugh2:
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    Can't delete ringtone!

    WOOOPS, im sorry you must hit Community sources.. THAN install that.. AFTER, you can install finder. :gasp:
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    Can't delete ringtone!

    install the program called, but you must install community sources first.. THAN install the Finder app from the installer app.. open Finder.. click Home on the top right.. double click Library.. scroll down and double click Ringtones.. Select the one you want to delete.. FINALLY, hit...
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    My NES icon

    they update the icons like every day now.. it looks like the green mushroom for me.. SO FAR.. lol until another upgrade comes along.. than ill use to upgrade.
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    Transferring iPhone backup from PC to Mac

    I am currently using a sony vaio laptop and have all my iPhone files and w/e backed up on this computer.. i want to get a new laptop.. [mac book pro].. so what do i have to do to transfer my restore files to the mac ? i have my iPhone modded so i don't want to have the mod files on the backup. im...
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    Apollo im custom icon req

    Ive made this baby blue icon for anyone. ive tested this, it does not affect anything with the black background if your putting it on the springboard.