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    Alternative to stock earphones

    Can we get a second conformation that hitting the button twice skips songs (even though CS says it does not) Not saying I don't believe you, just saying it would be my luck you got some bugged one that does that and mine would not! lol
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    Jawbone "Noise Shield" versus the Apple "iPhone Bluetooth Headset"

    Only two things have I had with my jawbone sounding bad is: 1. If I turn off noise reduction by accident. Don't ask me why you are able to turn it off, but if you hold down the back of the BT it turns it off. I only ever turned it off once though by mistake when I had forgoten how to pair...
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    Best in Car Solution?

    How much will it set us back to get a wired connection? and any suggestions on how to go about that?
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    Jawbone "Noise Shield" versus the Apple "iPhone Bluetooth Headset"

    I first got my jawbone for the 8525 and still love it on my iPhone. Best BT I have ever used and I have a ton of them. Any noise degregation you might experience is not from the Jawbone but from the iPhone (mine did sound better on the 8525 but not as good on my ipone, but still light years...
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    Invisible Shield and iPhone

    I finally put on my IS. I use the crystal case that the Apple store sold so I only needed it for my screen and that was the only section I put on. Instilation was easy. The edges got slightly messed up when I put it back into the crystal case. But I can live with it. The "sticky" feel of...
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    Password Keeper type app?

    I used ewallet on my old phone. Obviously it won't work on the iPhone. But I think this is a vital type app to have for most people that travel or do businesss. I am thinking I might just have to make a contact for each password, and hope that my pin is enough if it ever gets stolen :(
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    iPhone issue - touch screen no longer responds

    Had something similar happen and a hard reset solved it. Was just about to head back to Apple when I realized, wonder if a reset will solve problems like on my ipod or any computer :)
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    In depth review of invisible shield on the iPhone

    I am very happy to hear that the touch screen still works fine. I used IS on my 8525 and it worked wonders for keeping it looking great. It did make my screen a little sticky (meaning my pen did not glide across it like it did before application) so I was worried about that. I ordered the...