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    Apple's Official Statement -- Formula for calculating BARS wrong this whole time

    My love for the phone is too great to let It go for one reason.. I believe it's the same for everyone.. As long as it performs awesome as always I can't complain...
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    Verizon Rumor

    Dnt cross your fingers on the verizon thing happening anytime soon there still under contract for exclusive rights with AT&T.. And you can use wifi for basic features but to actually call and stuff your gonna need a plan. Even though there is other options through the app store or jailbreak..
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    iOS and Fast App Switching.....

    Agree I would like to have that option actually for my camera and photo app because the photo app doesn't refresh and doesn't geo-tag your photos until you actually close the app from the multitasking bar..
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    Phone replacements

    Sorry the issues I had was that my home button was loose and wiggled and then my light sensor did not function properly.. But never got one of the major mainstream issues..
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    Phone replacements

    I have already my third iPhone 4 replacement.. One issue after another. Small but bothersome.
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    The iPhone 4 Picture Thread!

    My weekend ride!
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    Warning about Apple bumper case

    I agree I have an Apple av composite cable on my car stereo and it doesn't work because the head is a tad thicker.. Even it being an actual Apple cable.. Those *******s!
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    iOS and Fast App Switching.....

    I don't think that's gonna be the case with this ios4. I believe Apple is gonna try to push many dev to focus on this new software. I do believe that it may take a while until you see many of them but any new apps coming out will be compatible.. And the eic app is actually goin through Apple...
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    Geo locations

    Thanks man I had closed the photos app down but never thought about the camera and it works thanks man...Owe you a "solid"
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    Geo locations

    I have multiple pics from this location and only one shows up
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    Geo locations

    Do your photos appear as soon as you take them.. You dnt have to shut down or anything..
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    Geo locations

    yes I do I double checked everything I could think of and my friend actually got his phone replaced because of that issue and I also have a new one with the sane issue..
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    Geo locations

    Pictures not being geo tagged and all my settings are correct
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    Features you would like to see!

    Sexy legs!
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    Everyone! Post the coolest word you ever heard