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    Free "Lost in Space" episodes from iTunes.

    Thanks I will have to download them, my great uncle Bud made Robbie the Robot.
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    iPhone message "quick list"?

    Sounds like a 3rd party app. Is this new phone or refurb?
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    To do list

    I am using iDO, and it with the desktop app, it syncs via Wifi to iDO. So far it has worked well, I rolled the dice trying it since it did not have the best reviews.
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    Outlook Calendar Not Syncing

    after having inconsistent syncing via USB for changes I made on the iPhone in Contacts and Calendar. I then tried MobileMe which did not work with out Exchange Mode of Outlook. I then configured Outlook --> Google Calendar Sync --> Google Calendar --> NuevaSync --> iPhone. It seems complicated...
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    Is there a way to send contacts from iPhone to Outlook?

    I have done it over the air, using nuevasync then to Plaxo and then to Outlook, it has worked out well, I also sync my calendar over the air also with nuevasync.
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    Exchange synchronization available

    thanks I just signed up, I tried emoze and had issues, I do like that this is imap based.
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    iPhone tiff exploit

    did you get rid of the symbolic link you setup ?
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    What's the easiest way to put NES ROMs on the iPhone using Windows

    I just used winscp to make the file directory for ROMs/NES. I then just winscp the roms in the directory and I done.
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    Green line when playing Videos in iPhone

    I had issues with content that I converted from HDTV. I did not have the same issue on SouthPark Videos.
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    iPhone 1.1.1 jailbreaked and hacked

    I used the one click method here: I have no affiliation with this site, I was just looking for an easy way to do it. It was easy and fast, just go to the site for the tiff exploit and then run the bat file.
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    Changing the color of everything so far thread

    I am waiting on the same thing, I am trying to figure out how to change my ipod icon, it did not change when I put in the icon.png.
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    Guide: "Easy" Jailbreak 1.1.1 without restoring to 1.0.2 (Windows!)

    I used the one click utility here and it worked just fine. It was easy to do and worked well. I am having issues changing the icon for the ipod. I changed the icon.png and Default.png and neither one worked.
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    3rd Party Apps Working on 1.1.1!

    after reading many different posts on jailbreaking 1.1.1, I decided to use the tiff exploit and then an automated system to do the rest and install here is more information here
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    Jailbreak Released by the Dev Team!

    sounds like a type, it should read load, but that does not fully make sense, so after you load the springpatch run it: Let us know how it goes.
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    You know that annoying buzzing you get in speakers...

    it is a shielding problem, you can put metal like tin foil around it and that might fix it, turn it to airplane mode and the noise will disappear. There is no fix for it, it is a GSM thing.