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    Anyone seen the new iPod Jeans?

    iBaby, I truly doubt that, and there is no way, I am wearing that, I really took a good look, and it sucks, whats next? iboots, coat, shirts:rolleyes: well I guess its for some and not for others, definitely not me!
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    Jamal, I understand that you want capacity, but how much do you really need, I mean the iPod holds like what 60 gigs, but then again its video also, but we are really paying more just for the extra space and i personally don't have that many songs that I listen to for me to need that much space...
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    Where to buy accessories?

    I agree with the previous poster, make sure you read the persond feedback, always, and I have sold a few items, but I do not really see one can make a living, but yeah, there are some gret stuff on ebay and really good deals.
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    What accessories do you hope will be made?

    Im pretty sure whatever accessoried, they decide to make, people will surely buy it, I mean they will buy just about anything for a really popular item, and why not? milk it for as much as you can, I say.:cool:
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    This iPhone looks just like........

    Well don't get me wrong they are both great looking phones, I mean the LG looks great, its ust that the iPhone will have so much features added to it, and thats really where iPhone will come in first place, just my opinion.
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    Everything iPhone

    Yeah this forum is cool, i basically love anything that Apple has to offer, may be a little pricey, but hey good money for a great product, im totally looking forward for the iPhones release!
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    Hey just wanted to know if any die hard gamers will actually spend $600 on the PS3? i probably will, not sure yet, anyways im still saving my cash for the big day!
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    How much are you willing to pay for your music love!

    Yes! thats were i get my songs also, walmart is great, and i just found this out not too long ago, and to think i was spending a lot on my music,lol, but if there is an album or song i cant get then i will spend anything to get it.
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    Will you buy an iPhone?

    You're welcome, ebony, im like that, i just don't want to end up wasting money, so i wait a while, don't want any recalls, know what i mean, just being safe, thats all
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    This iPhone looks just like........

    Yeah, thats same thing i said , but the iPhone will crush that lG crap,lol, but they are both great compared to whats on the market now so i cant really complain.
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    Where to buy accessories?

    Yes i totally forgot about ebay, i could try there, and there will be a lot to choose from, reminds me when the 360 came out and everyone was purchasing it just to sell on ebay:confused:
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    Will you buy an iPhone?

    Im one of those who likes to buy whatever is new and hot, i love what i heard about the iPhone, but i might wait a bit after it comes out, don't want to get anything that might turn out to be defective.
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    What kind of music do you listen to?

    Hi guys, i like various types of music but im mostly listening to j-pop artists like Boa and ayumi hamasaki, i love japanese music, you should try it, there are not that much good music in the u.s. thats worth listening to right now:rolleyes:
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    What accessories do you have?

    The only accessories i have is the iPod case and the tuner you plug in to listen to the radio, but thats as far as im going, i think ist ridiculous on how much stuff are available and how much it costs
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    What iPod do you have?

    Thefron, see thats the thing, there will always be something better that comes out and you end up spending more money, if you want to keep up, cause i don't know about you but i like to know whats in:p