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    38mm or 42mm?

    I have a Series 0 42mm watch. I am going to upgrade to a Series 4 40mm watch because the case is slightly smaller than my Series 0, but the display is actually larger. You may want to consider that. The 40mm will be smaller on your wrist, but you’ll have the larger display.
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    Apps won't update

    Update them with iTunes. Download the apps to iTunes on your computer, and then sync your phone to the computer. It will update the apps that need to be updated. The only time I've experienced having an app not update is when the updated app will only run with an updated version of iOS, which...
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    Best keyboard/folio for iPad Air?

    Well, after spending time with this case, I can no longer recommend it. That cool hinge ends up seizing inside the case, resulting in the metal pin supports for the hinge breaking out of their plastic holders. Since these metal pin holders inside the hinge provide the friction to allow the iPad...
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    iPhone 7 AirPods Question

    I use the iPhone EarPods regularly and I like them. I do have an issue where they don't always fit snugly in my ears. So I bought these: They cost $9.95 for a pair. They really help the EarPods to stay in, and they'll likely work with the AirPods as well. Also...
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    iPhone 7 This Rumor is one I would love to come true!

    This is the perfect case for those who like a naked phone, but don't want to risk damaging it. I just bought one last Friday, and I really like it. Transparent...
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    Cannot Add Card to Pay

    Update: changing the address on my debit card to match the mailing address of my iTunes account made it work! [emoji106][emoji41] -rb
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    Cannot Add Card to Pay

    Well, before deleting my current 'working card' from Pay I decided to call the bank again. They put me in touch with their mobile payment group, which deals with Pay activations (among other things). They believe that the reason my debit card can't get added to Pay is because it had a...
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    Cannot Add Card to Pay

    My bank began supporting Pay over a month ago. I have been unable to add my debit card to it. I have contacted the bank, as well as Apple, and each one points to the other as being at fault. I already have one card added, which is also my default payment card to iTunes. Are there any...
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    iPhone 4S use for music only

    For more on how to select which content to sync to your iPhone 4S, check out this iTunes document: -rb
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    Notes on iPhone 6

    I too have turned on the Notes update, and have lost no existing notes. But what I did gain are some great new options and features in Notes. I also added Notes to iCloud so I can access the Notes from my iPhone, iPad, and iMac, as well as iCloud via any browser. There's nothing to lose, and...
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    iPhone 6s Don't set the date on your iPhone (or other 64-bit iDevice) to January 1st, 1970

    It's interesting that you say this. Does Apple ever force updates out to iPhones? The reason I ask is that when I woke up on Saturday morning (2/13/16) and checked for the time on my iPhone, the screen to enter a pass or was displayed, indicating that I couldn't use TouchID to unlock it because...
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    MacBook New 2015 MacBook

    Your choice of computer depends on what you value higher: Performance or Portability. If you value Portability, then the MacBook wins, hands down. The 12" retina screen is great, and the portability of the MacBook is incredible. In exchange for Portability, you get a computer with a single USB...
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    iPhone 6s 64 GB or 128 GB?

    I went from a 32GB 4iphone S to a 128GB iPhone 6. I wasn't able to put all of my music on the 4S, and would run out of space when shooting lots of photos or videos. When I switched to the iPhone 6, I was able to put all of my music on it, and still have 60GB free. Now, after a year, and lots...
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    iPhone 6s iPhone was in water for 30 minutes. Help!

    Apple makes it incredibly easy to back up your data or store it in the cloud. Why wouldn't you take advantage of that?
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    So what does everyone think about iOS 9?

    I have found that the largest user of battery on my phone isn't an App, but it's the brightness level of the display. Therefore, I always keep my brightness level as low as possible, even to the point where it's dimmer than I'd like. If there's something I want to view better, I just swipe up...