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    happening to anyone else?

    Is anyone else experiencing bad audio/video syncing problems when looking at youtube videos? I get a little with my videos but not half as bad as the youtube videos. I even let the clips fully load and that didn't solve the problem. any thoughts?
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    Multi-touch demo video (non-iPhone)

    at my college the classrooms for computer programming have smart screens. Its a dropdown screen with a projector shooting at it from the ceiling. And basically the guy can use his finger as a mouse on the drop down screen and click and move things as he pleases while teaching the class. It was...
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    Games and Apps for the iPhone!

    looks pretty cool...I don't like how AIM is limited for 10 minutes tho...I can just use for that tho
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    where are u puttting your stickers?

    with the iPhone u got two Apple stickers. Where are u putting urs? I put mine on my pc and on the dashboard of my car
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    Can I exchange iPhone for one with more storage?

    yes I opened it and I am loving it...I just want some more memory on it
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    Can I exchange iPhone for one with more storage?

    I recently bought a 4gb iPhone and I realized that an 8gb would be more suitable for me. Im still within my 14 day return period and I'm aware of the restocking fee but I do not have a receipt. Do you think the guys at the Apple store would allow me to upgrade to the 8gb and I pay the difference?
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    Responses to "can I see your iPhone?"

    sure just give me your pink slip as collateral
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    A note about the speakers on the iPhone

    o did I get into college again?
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    A note about the speakers on the iPhone

    Has anyone noticed that the majority of sounds coming from the iPhone come from one speaker? Whether it be a song or a ringtone, I noticed that one speaker plays a lot louder than the other. Is your iPhone like that? or is mine defective?:2cool:
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    Gmail keeps loading old emails

    You can fix this by archiving your gmail inbox...You can archive the older messages in your inbox and keep the recent ones that you may need to access on your iPhone. If you later need to access those messages you archived, goto your gmail and click "All mail" and thats where the messages have...
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    Do you type one finger or two thumbs?

    sometimes i just use one I guess im the oddball:2cool:
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    Which way do you browse?

    daen i needa proof read before i post from now on LOL :tounge:
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    Which way do you browse?

    The square button below the screen is the "home" button. :2cool: I go horizontal with home button to the right
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    1 question

    Make a folder on your desktop and save all the wallpapers you want on your iPhone to it. Then connect your iPhone to your computer, iTunes should open up, In the iPhone Window click the photos tab. Check Sync Photo From and have it sync from the wallpaper folder you just made. Then on your...
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    Aim express=text message

    alrighhhttyyyy then...well then what about the "ichat and AIM" app available for the iPhone? are those considered text messages or just internet time? Thanks