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    Watch WWDC '08 LIVE..heres the link

    I'll check it out. Can't hurt..
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    It's funny, the buzz around the office

    Yeah, I would love to pick one up today, although I doubt I could afford it til next paycheck. Random somewhat relevant question though: What's with the contract status? Would I have to buyout my contract in order to upgrade to the new iPhone? Anticipation is killing me..
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    Step by Step Ringtone Hack for 7.4.1 and 7.4.1 (2)

    would this also work on windows? I see you mentioned to " Make sure your Mac is set to "Show File Extensions" If you don't know if it is...... Make finder active, " so I'm just wondering.
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    Changing number back

    I've had my iPhone and new number since the beginning of July. I still have my other cell phone from Verizon because it's under a family plan until the beginning of Sept. and it's better for me to have to pay my part of that bill rather than $300 to get out. Anyway, is there still a way I can...
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    Love the iPhone hate AT&T

    Exact opposite for me. Have not had a single dropped call or trouble with a call yet on att. My last phone with verizon was terrible, I'd sometimes not even be able to make a call because it wouldn't get reception anywhere. I was honestly expecting att to not be all that much better, but it's...
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    Not receiving WiFi signal

    So I unplugged my router and then I wasn't able to get onto the internet from my computer, so I had to call Lynksys to reset my IP. I have a pw set on it now and I typed it into the iPhone when it detected the router, but I'm still not getting WiFi on it and it has full signal in the settings...
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    Not receiving WiFi signal

    When I was at a friends house today it worked perfect there, but for some reason the WiFi at my house is not connecting(actually it does have the check next to it, but it's just not dialing in or whatever). Actually, I noticed it turns on when I make a call from my house, but when I end a...
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    Not receiving WiFi signal

    yes wifi is turned on
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    Not receiving WiFi signal

    I was getting signal in my house the first day(Thursday), but now I'm only able to get on the Edge network. My router isn't locked so I don't need any sort of password to get into it. Any suggestions?