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    Dust under the screen

    I too also have dust surrounding my home button it is very annoying and I hate it. Has anyone came to a resolution? I have tried everything from q-tip to ::wince:: a pick and no effect at all. I called Apple and they said they couldnt do anything. I haven't brought it into a store yet seeing as...
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    Shure Music Phone Adapter - Mini Review

    yes from what I was told and from what I have read.
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    Shure Music Phone Adapter - Mini Review

    Just bought mine. Been looking forward to a shure product I can afford haha. Gonna start saving up for a pair of there earphones even though my vibe duo are doing pretty good.
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    How many here dropped Verizon for the iPhone?

    i switched from verizon i was just getting tired of red i hate red and they have to mess up every phone they touch. I loved when i called them to cancel and they asked why i said iPhone and then the lady calmly and confidently said "sir we have phones that are comparable to the iPhone" and i...
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    Apple Care for iPhone available

    Lil different than an iPod. Thanks for the link bought mine.
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    New GUI ringtone App

    Worked perfectly for me. I was a little hesitant I told myself I wasn't going to mess with my iPhone but this was to easy I had to try it.
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    What if I have no credit?

    You guys are getting ripped pretty hard I only had to pay a $150 deposit with no credit.
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    Question about credit ?

    Well I am 19 had no credit and they accepted me and only made me pay a $150 deposit.
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    Moda Vibe duo: is it me?

    I picked up a pair yesterday and they sound really good night and day difference when compared side by side with the stock headphones. I actually laughed when I put the stocks back in they were so bad compared to the vibe's. But yes they do have a really strong bass presense in them which in my...
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    Free Streaming Music right to your iPhone

    I love this thing it works great.
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    post on your iPhone the location you are at right now

    In a hotel lobby in Houston,Texas.
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    Bug I ran into. People who changed them SIM key look.

    Ok last night I was using my phone (I have changed my sim code) and all of a sudden the screen went black I said wtf? and hit the wake button and it flashed and came back up and said no service then sim locked and asked for my code. Anyone else have this happen?
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    anyone use iTunes to d/l movies to the iPhone?

    I have bought a couple movies (lord of war, hitchikers guide) and they all look great as well as my movies I have encoded myself
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    Video phone calls

    I think the next major updates and announcements will be either a: right at the start of holiday season or b: at macworld which I have already booked my hotel and airfare for! Woot.
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    Auto Brightness?

    This feature seems to not work. When I first got my phone it worked fine I could obviously notice it changing then I went into the menu and turned it off and back on and messed with the slider and haven't noticed a change since. So I think I broke it :(