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    anyone else getting TONS of call failed, even when you have 5 bars?

    Just some info to help everyone out... I still have one of the first iPhones and ALWAYS get a "Call Failed" If the number im dialing is Busy (I never get a busy signal when a line is busy, just Call Failed). But what may be happening is that There may be or was a routing path down. Sometimes...
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    Can't send text messages to T-Mobile phones

    By the way Ehspimp.. You're replaying to a message that was posted like a year ago.. lol.. Anyways, I seriously doubt that the problem is on AT&T's side. Most likely on T-Mobiles side. If you have a ported number, that may also be the cause of it... Who ever you ported your number from may...
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    iPhone retardation?

    i would try doing a hard reset to see if it continues after that... (hold your home button and power button at the same time.) also may want to go into settings, safari, and clear your cache, history and cookies.. Let us know if that helps any, would like to hear if it makes any difference...
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    I don't know if this is a serious issue but..

    btw, here's some FYI trivial info for ya, if you ever dial a 1-800 number.. you cant block your caller ID, it's actually caused by a bug in translations that AT&T decided wasn't worth looking into. So if you ever call a 1-800 number and try to block the caller ID.. It's not going to work, they...
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    4GB iPhoners what's your battery life?

    4 Gig/8 gig, same battery.. Really depends on how you use it, if you're keeping your screen active a lot, it's going to eat your battery a lot faster than just playing mp3's with the screen blacked out.. or just using it as a normal phone with occasional ipod mode.. battery length is going to...
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    big screen?

    LOL, I have to admit.. it cracks me up even talkking about it, defeats the whole purpose of portability.. lol..
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    Best case for iPhone

    I bought a Black leather Incase from the Apple store (belt clipped) and love it, has a soft interior and good workmanship. think it was like 35 bucks, but well worth it for the quality.
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    not sending texts?

    Unfortunately this is typical when porting phones. Dobson(cellular one) is the worst one of them... They have a tendency of after porting your number out, the number is still active in their switch which causes all sorts of problems. You are most likely having problems from people trying to...
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    big screen?

    ? If you could actually plug in a bigger screen....... Why not just use a actual computer or laptop instead?
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    Solid state hard drives

    Solid State Hard Drives.... ? Is that a actuall term/word ? heh.. The 2 words put together contradicts(msp) each other..
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    I don't know if this is a serious issue but..

    Thats deffinately a call routing issue. I've worked a issue like that before.. Whatever carrier that the guy is using when he called you is having issues, I wish I could remember the name of the Sub-carrier that was causing the issues that I worked on.. When I worked for a Cellular carrier...
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    Dropped my iPhone into a bucket of water with epsom salt

    wouldn't matter, if you opened it or not, if it has liquid damage the best they would do is charge you for all repair costs which is pretty much a new phone. whoever dropped their phone in water in epson salt.. Your iPhone probably only has less than 8 months left of life.. Any type of salt...
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    not sending texts?

    Do any of you have a Ported number? (number that was originally from whatever carrier then brought to AT&T) Either way i would call both carriers and report the issue. If you have a ported number the Routing tables at the carriers may just need to be updated because the routing tables may...
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    Text problem...

    Not getting your SMS's, or getting them all at once is a network issue. Usually on the senders side. It usually works as follows : Sender phone >> Senders carrier >> Senders SMS provider/router >> Receivers Provider/router >> Receivers Carrier >> Receivers Phone. Thats why No carrier...
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    2 speakers on the bottom?

    Or just add another speaker? lol... Glad someone posted this thread, i got tired of answering the same question 1000 times. lol.. reason i put it in my tagline.. which no one ever read....