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    finally found a case worthy of a good rating =p

    Forkee, I'd like to get a black one. do you have any more?
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    Anyone from AT&T have theirs shipped out yet? Topic.

    So Strange, Mine shipped and is coming from Fort Worth and I'm in Nashville, TN
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    Selling on eBay... tips for success?

    Cool, then I shall unlock
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    Selling on eBay... tips for success?

    Should I unlock it? Or will that any difference?
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    Selling on eBay... tips for success?

    I have a 16g 3gs in very good condition running 3.1.2 jailbroken, not unlocked but could be. My warranty runs out July 2, would adding Apple care add to the selling price? Or would I be better off selling it with out the warranty?
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    How much did you get when you sold your phone?

    sold mine on ebay for 350.:laugh2: but still awaiting payment.:frown: I want the new, and the waiting is killing me:angry:
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    iPhones damaged by sweat

    my boss took his to Apple for a warranty issue and they said it had water damage. He the proceeded to tell them that it had not been in water. The guy at Apple told hi that it could have been a drop of rain or even sweat.
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    iPhone Software 3.0 Official Discussion Thread

    Has anyone got the Apple bluetooth headset to work? I tried with a friends to see if we could get the music to play through it. but we can't get it to pair up with my 3g running 3.0
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    iPhone Screenshot Thread

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    experiencing problems of "no service" after jailbreak

    Just got back from Apple store with my new phone.:laugh2: They checked out and said it had a modem issue and replaced it. yay! re-jailbreaking as I type.
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    experiencing problems of "no service" after jailbreak

    This seems to be very sporadic. it's even doing it not that the phone has been restored. I have set u a genius bar appointment for 8:30 tomorrow morning. Hopefully they'll have an answer or trade for another phone. I did purchase Apple care so maybe they can help.
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    experiencing problems of "no service" after jailbreak

    I tried both simple and expert as well as quickpwn. But it seems to be doing the same thing with out being jail broke. I'm thinking it's a hardware issue.
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    experiencing problems of "no service" after jailbreak

    I've been Jailbroke for months but, lately had to restore and re-jailbreak. Afterward I am experiencing problems of "no service". I just restored back to factory and have service just fine. can anyone tell me what the issue would be?
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    this case looks awesome

    I finally got mine as well. It took nearly four weeks. But to make up for their mistake the sent two cases. I Ordered the white and they also sent me a green one as well. I sold the green one to a friend for 20 bucks so the final cost for me was only 8 dollars. I life the feel and the fit. I...
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    this case looks awesome

    I ordered my on the 24th, and as of Wednesday no word on if it had shipped or anything. I emailed them a week ago and got no response. So I emailed yesterday and got this reply: Roy, We screwed up. Your order was on hold for no particular reason as far as I can tell. To make up for our...