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    Changed my mind about getting the Apple Watch

    Just wanted to apologize. I was having a bad day. I just feel you can complain all day and Apple won't change he price. Want it cheaper then the masses of people shouldn't buy it. Maybe that will stir some heads though I doubt it. We Apple fans seem to pay the price regardless
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    iPhone 6s Verizon Visual Voicemail asking for mailbox number?

    I guess I never set up my email when I went from 6s to 6s plus. When I hit voice mail it says to put my mailbox number in? Do I need to restore my phone to set this up? Thanks
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    iPhone 6s iTunes alphabet listing out of whack?

    Anyone else have their artist listing a letter behind? My A's shows B artist and it goes all the way down. C shows D artist and and D shows E artist etc. Not a huge issue just curious
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    iPhone 6s Links On Safari Google Page Unresponsive.

    It's happened to me occasionally but not for a few days
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    iOS 9 - WiFi Assist

    Did you notice my thread on this 4 below this one? Or the one brought up well before mine?
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    iOS 9 - WiFi Assist

    Am I the only one to turn this off? I have plenty of data to use each month but my understanding is if the wifi is poor it goes right to cellular. May not be good for people on low data plans
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    iPhone 6s Will case fit both 6S plus and 6 plus?

    I have a hard case where you snap the top part in and out the phone in and snap it back Ina snit fits perfect
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    iPhone 6s 3D Touch peeks at bookmark when I want to delete?

    I'm learning it's all about how much pressure you use. Really enjoying this new "S"
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    iPhone 6s Move from Android broken

    Maybe the issue is owning an android all together ;) Kidding. Maybe try to reboot and start all over?
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    iPhone 6s 3D Touch tricks

    I wasn't aware any Apple app uses the 3D Touch. Notes, calendar, clock etx. Really cool thing. Instagram 3D Touch works but Pinterest and Facebook do not yet
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    iPhone 6s What do you think of the iPhone 6s? Any big differences?

    I always set mine up as new as well. It is crazy fast and I am really loving the 3d touch. glad I went with it
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    iPhone 6s Live Wallpaper?

    So what's the point of them?
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    iPhone 6s Live Wallpaper?

    Ok I have a passcode so there is no option lol
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    iPhone 6s 3D Touch peeks at bookmark when I want to delete?

    probably not a big deal and I'm sure I'm doing it wrong. When I to my bookmarks to delete a bookmark it gives me a how do I delete it