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    How do you keep your screen clean? Toooo many fingerprints

    I use this screen protector from Boxwave: I tried a couple others, but this one was the most fingerprint/smudge resistant of all the ones I tried. The screen does not appear as shiny/glossy, so...
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    Verizon unveils iPhone rival Voyager

    I'm curious what the touch screen and browser interfaces are really like. If it doesn't have the squeeze-zoom (or something comparable) and a decent browser (plus processor), 3G won't be much of a benefit for web browsing. I think I read the screen was smaller than the iPhone too? In any...
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    New Features in Next update

    I will not trust any rumor until it has been confirmed by socalkevin21 :p See this thread for details.
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    Were You Pleased with The New iPhone Update 1.1.1 ?

    I voted Pleased and I did update, but it's not really the correct answer. I am NOT pleased at all by the bricking of 3rd party apps. As others have mentioned in these forums, if Apple was showing stronger, faster support - even giving *hints* at what's to come, this would be much less of an...
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    iPhone vs xBox360

    Kind of a weird choice, but I'll answer because I'm bored. I love my iPhone but as a gamer I'd say the 360 is the better choice for more hours of fun. For the same price you can get the system + Halo 3 (or whatever else game you might be interested in).
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    iPhone $100.00 Apple Store Credit (Answers to Common Questions)

    I haven't tried it yet, but can't you just purchase an iTunes gift card from either the online store or an Apple store? Try this: And email it to yourself.
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    What is the best way to protect?

    I definitely recommend you get some sort of protection for the screen itself to prevent scratches and smudges. I'm using one from Boxwave which I like a lot. I tried a couple of others but this one was the best at keeping fingerprints off. I think it was their Anti-Glare version (the less shiny...
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    Steve Jobs Open Letter: Issues $100 "Store Credit" for Early Adopters

    Very nice, let's see if/how they follow through with this. Reading some of the responses here, I don't think a lot of people really "got it" in understanding why it was a big deal in the first place, and why it's a bigger deal what the open letter signifies. It wasn't just about $100 or $200...
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    Journalist seeks reaction to iPhone price drop

    I find the whole thing rather distasteful and a slap in the face to the dedicated fanbase that helped make the iPhone a big success story only 2 months ago. Not to mention putting up with all the bugs and missing features and still spinning it positively to naysayers. I particularly found it...
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    8GB iPhone is now going to be $399

    Pretty unbelievable stuff. I love how he comments on the 1million iPhone customers and phenomenal customer feedback and love from all the early adopters... RIGHT BEFORE SCREWING US ALL OVER. Lovely. They definitely needed to do a price drop before Christmas, but couldn't they have waited...
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    iTunes random sync misses/mistakes

    New problem, even stranger. I migrated my music library over to a Mac (from Vista), thinking it would get better and more consistent syncing with the iPhone. First few weeks were great. Last night I did a sync, and a ton of my songs decided not to sync (or iTunes decided for me I should...
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    A letter to Steve Jobs...

    Good letter, and I'd love to have all or at least some of the features you mentioned. I did find this statement toward the end interesting. You were looking for a comm tool, someone else probably for an entertainment device, and someone else for a businesss device/PDA blackberry replacement...
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    Target buyers

    LOL, nice one! Back OT, it does beg an interesting question I asked a while back. Who exactly is the target audience for the iPhone from the longterm sense, and what are Apple's plans to pursue them? It's a "high end" product if you compare to cel phones in general, but not necessarily if...
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    1.0.2 Update...Its improved battery

    Isn't it plausible that if certain bugs were quashed it could make certain applications run more efficiently, and thus improve battery life as a secondary effect? My guess is that any software improvement that would prevent the phone from exercising the core transmit/receive, or just use the...
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    Official iPhone Software Update 1.0.2 Discussion

    This may be one of those placebo efffects, but so far it seems like my email is running much better than the last update. I can't quantify it exactly, but I was having a lot of hangups and freezes in the last patch. And I would constantly see the little spinning wheel going even after the...