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    Hi Chris, Just read the sticky note to manufacturers and would like to submit an item for...

    Hi Chris, Just read the sticky note to manufacturers and would like to submit an item for review. What do I need to do? Thanks! Rob
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    AT&T SIM with legally unlocked iPhone

    Does anyone know if I can buy a legally unlocked iPhone in Hong Kong and still use my same ATT sim in the USA? I only want it to be legally unlocked so that I can pop a sim chip in when I'm working in China. (Which is frequently. I'm there once every six weeks.) TIA :smile:
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    Updating unlocked 3G

    I saw in a news report that legally unlocked iPhones are available in Hong Kong for about $750. Kinda pricy but I'm going to do it next time I'm in HK. (I'm usually over there for businesss about once every 6 weeks.
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    Trial Period for Pay Apps?

    I believe the issue is around Apple controlling the purchase process. You don't get to do a trail download of music when you purchase it on iTunes, right? Same with Apps. If Apple allows a trial version then you are then purchasing it from the vendor, not Apple. And Apple wants to control...
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    Agent18: Pretty Disappointed (PICS)

    Wow! That looks AWFUL! I only ever put my phone in a holster style case and mine doesn't look anywhere NEAR that bad after a full year of constant use. I've always thought those cases that cover the entire phone were a bad idea. The iPhone is such a gorgeous design on it's own. Why would...
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    2.0 is live!

    Doh! Found it. In settings under "international."
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    2.0 is live!

    I was hoping to see Chinese character input on 2.0 and I'm not seeing it anywhere. :(
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    3G speeds DISAPPOINTING... *video proof*

    You also need to look at the different infrastructure demands. We a are big spread out country with not so many people. Japan has a far denser population than we do, hence it's easier to build the infrastructure to reach a critical mass of customers. Japan has 336 people per sq/km US has 31...
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    How many members have .Mac

    How is that any different from "i" everything. iMac iBook iPod iPhone Maybe they're moving on to a new generation of "me" products. meMac meBook mePod mePhone :wink:
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    Will Apple sell an unlocked 3G iPhone?

    I think yes. Double the price of the subsidized phone. Here's why. 1) Because of all the reports that came out about "missing iPhones." Now everyone has hard data on how much revenue is lost to unlocked phones. It'll be an attempt to recapture some of the revenue. (Especially in a...
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    Will Apple sell an unlocked 3G iPhone?

    I've added a poll regarding Apple and whether they will offer an iPhone 3G unlocked. What's your opinion?
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    How do you use your iPhone?

    I'd say that using the internet is a function of the phone. Definitely not a scientific study here. Just a point of curiosity.
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    earbud cord management question

    I posted this because I sometimes, like all the Apple ads, just let it hang free. But when I do that it gets caught on things and the cord pulls the earbuds out of my ears. And, if I have to pull them out to talk to someone for a moment I have nowhere to put them. I'll tuck them in a pocket...
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    How do you use your iPhone?

    How much do you use your iPhone as a phone vs as an iPod?
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    earbud cord management question

    How does everyone manage the cord for their earbuds (or headset)? What do you do when you're not using it? How do you run the cord when you're using it? Hanging free, inside your shirt or other? What, if anything, annoys you about your earbud or headset cord?