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    So what level are you and what’s your most powerful Pokémon?

    I'm at level 33 - here are some of my top ones I do play a bunch...
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    So what level are you and what’s your most powerful Pokémon?

    Mine came in 10km eggs. But yesterday I saw one in nearby. Too bad he never appeared. They are not much on offense but they resist attacks so well that you can win every battle with them. Good luck on getting one in at 10 KM egg
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    So what level are you and what’s your most powerful Pokémon?

    Thanks for the mention @Rafagon. Here's mine
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    iOS battery usage on iOS 9

    Mine is about the same. I use it throughout the day, but am mostly on my iPad. I have always finished the day at 30% and 9 hasn't changed that I can tell.
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    Siri Audio Activation Prompts Missing Since Upgrade to iOS 9

    Well, thanks for the discussion and clarification. I miss it on my iPhone as well. Too bad it is by design, I did like it.
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    What games are you playing? iPad/iPhone

    I don't play games often, but when i do its Smash Hit
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    Who would have preferred a slightly thicker iPhone?

    I think the 4.7 feels pretty good in the hand. I like the thinness of the device and with my useage I getting terrific battery life. I'm over 50% at bed time. With the same useage on the 5, I would have to give it a boost every day on my way home from work. Granted I use my iPad rMini for most...
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    iPhone 6 or best Android

    Not really a good comparison. An iPhone 4, IMO,running 4 would work, and work very well. And although I did have a mid priced tablet - that isn't the reason I had to screw around with the system and the settings just to accomplish simple tasks. Today the android experience is better, but I...
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    iPhone 6 or best Android

    It's always been iPhone for me. My one foray of trying android was enough. Sent using iCafe app
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    Adjusting length of lighting time, keyboard choice?

    I use a kind of old, but very good full size Bluetooth Dell keyboard. I bought a used one off of eBay for less than 15 dollars. Any Bluetooth keyboard should do. I prefer full size because it lets me type without looking at the keys.
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    Post Your Last Purchase

    1tb hard drive so I can upgrade from win xp to win 7 I won't mess with my original 1tb hard drive trying to upgrade, I'll just keep it till I get win 7 up and networked with my home system. I don't know if I'll be able to get everything back the way I have things set up now. Darn Microsoft for...
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    What the fudge?

    I laughed till tears came out. Thanks all!
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    How long have you been a member of everythingicafe?

    I'm not your average member. I joined on 11/11/11 and mainly follow the smart gals and guys. Yup I mainly skulk, nut not in a creepy way, I learn a lot here. It's a great place to find out stuff, but if you ask stupid questions, as I do sometimes, be ready with your flame retardant outfit on...
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    What games are you playing? iPad/iPhone

    Because of my weekly iTunes email, I saw a game called Smash Hit by the company mediocre and downloaded it. This was two days ago and every moment to spare time had been used playing that game. It's very simple kind of shooter game - you're throwing steel balls at glass objects. Riveting. I...