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    Will you camp?

    I'm not gonna camp but I'll stand in line tomorrow once AT&T opens. It's just going to suck if at the conference they announce a release date later on this week or month, but I'm pretty sure it'll come out tomorrow.
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    12 Hours as of to WWDC

    Anyways yeah, I called Fifth Avenue Apple Store in NYC and since it's open 24 hrs I asked if they will be selling the 3G iPhone today and they said that if they announce it at the conference, they'll sell it as early as 10 AM pacific meaning 1 PM eastern, first come, first serve.
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    Will The iPhone be available immediately following WWDC?

    I am guessing that they will release the 3G iPhone tomorrow. I think there's already been enough hype being built for the new one coming out; sold out iPhones at AT&T and Apple, rumors and speculation about the 3G iPhone, and firmware 2.0 is pretty much the main thing they'll probably focus on...
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    How much are you willing to pay for the new iPhone?

    Well with the AT&T subsidization rumor going around I'll pay the $299 + tax for the 16gb but if not I'm willing to pay full price at $499 + tax. Also if theres a 32gb, I'd be willing to spend $599 or $399 with the subsidization.
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    12 Hours as of to WWDC

    What time does the conference officially start at? I want them to announce the 3G iPhone in the morning so that AT&T and Apple Stores can sell them right away! Too excited, been iPhoneless for too long now, it's about that time for a new upgrade! :laugh2:
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    Are the iPhone's here already?

    I think this is true, I read something about Forbes or some other source keeping tack of Steve Job's jets that were said to be new generation iPhone shipments and the containers have reached the Port of Oakland already preparing to be showed off at the keynote and distributed to Apple and AT&T...
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    Gold mine! Patent description of new iPhone confirms GPS, Video Recording, etc.

    My prediction is that the iPhone 2 will already have those patents or we'll see them through a major software/firmware update.
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    Are you AMERICAN PEOPLE really waiting for 3G?

    All I know is it's going to be better than the first one so why not upgrade? :laugh2: Funds are set and the countdown begins...
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    1.1.4 coming

    LOL sick joke. I want my SDK right now!
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    Update? (no I'm not tell you there is a soon to be update)

    Yeah an significant update would be awesome as a "gift" before Christmas or the day of.
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    1.1.2 link

    Will this way of updating keep your notes, bookmarks, numbers, etc?
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    Blue "PLAY" Arrow menu icon bug, anyone?

    I've noticed this bug as well. While I'm browsing the internet, it will come up out of no where then boot me off, next thing you know, that "PLAY" button icon is on the corner where the bluetooth icon usually shows up on the top right, FIX IT APPLE or give us an update soon!
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    Contour Showcase for iPhone

    Here's pics of mine, just picked it up today from my buddy for $35 brand new and created a cool design for the back as well. It fits very
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    Any one think 1.1.1 is less responsive

    Yeah, it's less responsive. When I'm on Safari, sometimes it doesn't even recognize my touches when I want to click on a link. Sometimes, while I'm browsing the iTunes "play" button will appear out of nowhere on the top right while I'm browsing then kick me out of Safari when I wasn't even...
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    It's Official: iPhone SDK Coming In February

    Yeah, that sucks but im ready to spend some money for the apps.