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    Win the Verizon iPhone from everythingiCafe

    Apple Giftcard I'd love to win the Apple gift card. The iPhone is awesome. Heck I built a house with an iPhone.
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    Post your iPhone V1 and 3G pics!

    Picture from Portland - Red Hot Poker Plant On a visit to Portland - amazing plant - Red Hot Poker Plant.
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    Password Protection - Dataviz

    I was aware of that - but I don't store my data on someone else's server. Just a personal thing The Day I got my iPhone I started storing some info in the contact section (day 1 of the iPhone) The Dataviz App is awesome - looking forward to theirs for the iPhone Jim
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    Password Protection - Dataviz

    Password Protection program Sorry - I didn't make my self clear. There are several software companies that make programs that are encrypted and hold all your personal information, passwords, log-ins to web sites and just about any thing you want to keep but don't want someone to be able to...
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    Password Protection - Dataviz

    read on... I contacted Data Viz - the folks that do the PAssword Pluf program I've used on my PC & Treo Got this response... Hi Jim, Thanks for your question. Typically we do not comment on future products. Of course a variety of our products have been considered for the iPhone, but I can...
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    anyone use iTunes to d/l movies to the iPhone?

    works great for me Using the new Nero 7 ultimate their recode to iPod worked great for the iPhone. I took movies and tv shows that Windows Media center recorded .DVR extension files and they played great. I also upgraded to the Tivo Plus software and using the Tivo server on my PC hooked...
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    Optimum Online E-mail Woes

    a bit of confusion here I use swbell for my personal email and they just changed pop and smtp ports. Perhaps I'm not understanding but when I set up my email on the iPhone after the smtp and pop server name I just added the colon and the new port numbers. My email works great on the iPhone. Jim
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    okay how do you add your own wallpaper

    I've seen some great jpg's and created my own in the correct size but don't have a clue how to add it to my camera pictures. When I open the Apple iPhone folder of pictures I can't add or paste to that folder. I can see it in an email attachment I sent myself but can save it. What am I...