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    Which iPad Air Did You Buy?

    Went for the 64GB Space Grey.
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    Go for it

    Just got mine, Upgraded from the iPad 2. So much better loving how light this thing is!
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    Warranty Lie: Don't buy ZAGG Invisible shield for iPhone!

    Really? I'd like to think the OP had solved this problem within 3 and a bit years :whistle:
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    Post Your Last Purchase

    Dark Grey Smart Cover & Dark Grey Switcheasy Coverbuddy.
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    Sold My White iPad 2 Bought Black iPad 2 Any Else Done This?

    Yeah I done the same, Well my white one had very bad backlight bleeding you could even see it in the day time without being in a dark place so I returned it for a refund as I was within the 30 days of purchase and bought a black one.
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    Ordered iPad 2

    I ordered one on the 9th of April. Original shipping date was 2nd of May and delivery on the 6th of May. Got an email yesterday from Apple saying it had been shipped and it will be delivered on Tuesday :) China 04/23/2011 3:10 P.M. Order Processed: Ready for UPS Shenzhen, China 04/22/2011...
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    DODO cases

    The Protenzo ones are meant to be better than the Dodo ones.
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    Switcheasy Canvas

    Cheers! Spoke to my lecturer the other day because I was going to come on here to put that guide up to imaging the iPhone properly and he said even though he has seen and marked it and knows it's not on the internet the external examiners don't know that and still need to look at it before the...
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    Switcheasy Canvas

    Anyone got one of these? Just ordered one from in the UK (Not in stock at the minute but ordered for when it's back in) Looks like a good case and seems to be getting good reviews as well.
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    iPad 2 Smashed

    Thats awesome!
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    Image the iPhone drive?

    Hi, Just wondering if anyone knows of a way to do this properly? I am studying Computer and Digital Forensics at university and for my Digital Investigations lecture work I need to create two tutorials of recovering evidence from a device. I chose to do a tutorial of taking a forensic...
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    anyone want to share a screen shot of their homescreen+apps?

    I really need to theme mine but I can't be bothered to sit and make the icons for the ones that are missing from the theme in photoshop.
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    MacBook Pro Speck See through - Aqua

    Mine is the see through. I took it off again today to give it a clean and did not notice any scratches still so hopefully it will be okay as long as I am careful when taking it off and clean it every so often etc.
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    MacBook Pro Speck See through - Aqua

    Ah well. Where about's did it scratch? Where the clips are or just in a random place?
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    MacBook Pro Speck See through - Aqua

    Every time I have taken it off it has not scratched I just take one of the clips off on one side then slide a card up to take the top clip off then the other side comes off itself. The bottom part comes off easily. I think if it is cleaned for dirt every couple of weeks or so it will be okay...