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    iPhone taking almost 5mins to Sync!

    No problems with a Supermico Workstation with dual 3.6 Xeons and with 2 gigs of Ram, Supermico server with dual 3.0 Xeons with 2 gigs ram, and Thinkpad T61 with with w 2 gigs of ram.
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    Anyone try a Cellular amplifier/repeater?

    I had poor reception at my home and got the Zboost dual band cellular repeat. I work well. It was about $280 from Solid Signal.
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    Apple Bluetooth Headset = Bad!

    My point. The Apple salesperson thought the Jawbone is better than the Apple blue tooth. The noise cancellation is great. I use it in the car and I don't walk around with it in my ear. You must be in high school.
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    Apple Bluetooth Headset = Bad!

    The salesperson at Apple recommended the Jawbone. It works great.
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    Apple Bluetooth Headset Review (Rated 9)

    I went to the Apple Store in Manhattan Beach and they were out of the Apple headset and recommended the Jawbone. It is great!
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    Modify "Sync Movies" list

    I finally figured it out. There is a movie folder in the Library section at the top left. I shows all the movies. Removing them here, removes it from the list.
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    Modify "Sync Movies" list

    How does one modify the "Sync Movies" list under the tab Video? It locates "movies" and some are not movies. How do you delete items on this list?
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    cool device for your iPhone

    A wall charge came with the iPhone. It is white cube and prong to plug into an electrical outlet fold out and there you use the USB connector to connect to the iPhone. I am using my iPod connector and it works.
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    How many here dropped Verizon for the iPhone?

    I had no problems with Verizon. I was with Cingular before and could not get reception. I had moved and AT & T showed good reception in my area. Verizon had a $250 cancellation for each phone. I kept one and canceled one. No reception with iPhone at home but good every else. I got a dual...
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    Verizon FiOS and iPhone

    I had the same problem. First, take off security and see if it works. If so, disable WEP and use WPA. At first I used ASCII, hex. You have to type in 64 digits. I just used "1"s. Later, I was able to change it to a setting with 26 digits. I will check and repost. Also, you wireless...
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    Noise through computer

    I hear a sound at my computer and my Sony radio alarm clock. It is intermittent.
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    question about password on my router (kinda iPhone related)

    WEP can be cracked easily according to a friend who does this type of work for the government. Intially, I used WPA and hex. Need to type 64 digits. I just typed 64 "1s". Then I changed, I believe to ASCII and use 26 digits. 26 "1s"
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    question about password on my router (kinda iPhone related)

    I use WPA and once you put in the password into iPhone, it will remember it.
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    WiFi - Connected but not working

    First, turn of encryption and see if you can connect. If this works, you need to change from WEP to WPA. The problem is the difficulty putting in the 26 or 64 characters without an error on the iPhone. I just used 26 "1s"
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    Has any one met other iPhone users in the public?

    Yes, an anesthesiologist during surgery.