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    Apollo IM --Does it use Data or SMS

    no sms messages will be used with apollo or mobile chat, you can connect via edge or wifi :smile:
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    MobileChat vs. ApolloIM

    your data plan is unlimited so no, and it will not use up your sms messages. To get a free screename go to
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    Do you think Steve Jobs has visited this site or others?

    Bleet Bleet. Well Said, i am sure he is impressed with all the 3rd party apps going on and what the developers have made the phone into. surely he will release a SDK tomorrow :wink:
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    Real time stock quotes

    the phone has a full browser "safari" can you not use that.?
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    MobileChat vs. ApolloIM

    i have changed to mobile chat i find it very quick and no bugs yet, great job conceited software
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    How to keep track of time and billing info?

    i think you will have to go online for this
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    Nokia copies iPhone

    i see this changing when nokia opens there music store do you really think they will let you transfer songs via BT.
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    YouTube videos at WiFi quality?

    Of coarse i do, so what your saying is AT&T convert all the videos on the fly on AT&T servers when it detects an EDGE connection. LOL. after Apple have converted all flv content to H264 codec it gets converted again to what format?
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    YouTube videos at WiFi quality?

    Where did you get this info from?
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    New Game: Mines!

    not a game fan myself, just pleased that all the native apps keep coming keeps everyone happy:smile:
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    Summerboard = Springboard on roids

    just updated summerboard V1,2, when i did the phone/email or anything in the bottom row could not be used, even after a reboot?
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    If i restore...?

    YAY thanks MiPhone7012 77 posts and i got a thanks :wink: you got a thanks cos you type better than me :smile:
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    If i restore...?

    every time you sync with iTunes it gets backed up contacts etc.. no photos or notes though. you may want to wait until after sept 5th, incase a big SW update comes out.:smile:
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    Summerboard = Springboard on roids

    ooo that is kool better than the other version "dock" that needs 6.6mb of bds sub system to be intallled.
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    Hiding Text on Home Screen

    i use ifuntastic and have turned off all the txt, icon only here if that helps