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    Hulu comes to the Apple TV

    I definitely recommend Amazon Prime over Netflix. I haven't done a straight side-by-side content comparison, but they both seem similar (a lot of good TV and then some older/random movies--though Amazon just signed a new deal that added some newer movies like True Grit, Super 8, Thor, etc.). The...
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    AT&T saying they are not bumping contracts

    What do you mean by "bump" your contract? Are you due for a new phone? I plan to get a new one, as my iPhone 4 is over two years old now--will I be able to do that?
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    Book price on iPad

    Thanks, smudgeyjoe! You're a good man. Have you used the Kindle app? Is it as easy to use and do the books look as good as the iPad's book app? I'm surprised Apple lets that happen. Thanks again!
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    Book price on iPad

    Can somebody with an iPad do me a huge favor? It appears that iTunes won't give you the price and availability of iPad books if you don't have an iPad. I want to get this book for my brother--would somebody mind telling me if it is in the bookstore, and if so, how much it is? Thanks! Ryan The...
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    Mail won't download after having no signal

    Thanks, Hawk...I'll try that this afternoon. Will that mess with any of my WiFi networks (like will I lose network keys I've typed in)? I'm on an original iPhone with V 2.1 software. I appreciate the help! Ryan
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    Mail won't download after having no signal

    I get pretty much no signal in my office all day long. I've noticed that a lot of days when I get out of work, my iPhone will no longer download mail. Even if I go to the Inbox and hit that refresh icon, it will start "spinning" but nothing will ever happen. If I send a mail, it never gets...
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    Getting a call on the commercial

    So when you watch an iPhone commercial and the phone receives a call (always at the end), it shows the caller's name and photo across the top of the phone, and the wallpaper is still visible below it. That's not how my iPhone acts when I get a call (for me, the photo of the person takes up the...
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    Change photo numbering on Windows?

    I'm curious as to why when I download photos from the iPhone to Windows, the numbers of the photos (used in the photo filename) are not in order? (Well, they are in order, but just not in order based on date taken.) I realize I can sort by Date Created, but it's frustrating that when I do...
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    Home button stopped working

    Yes, I've had this problem for a couple months now. I wish I could give you some good advice, but I have no idea how to fix it. What I can tell you that might help is that it comes and goes...mine didn't work consistently for several weeks, then it started working well for a few weeks, now it...
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    iPhone address book dilemma

    My apologies to MileHighRob! You can now sync contacts to Google contacts on Windows...that made my night. One more chain to Outlook cut...I'll keep my fingers crossed on the Google calendar syncing! Thanks, Rob.
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    iPhone address book dilemma

    I don't think this is true for Windows users (though it's supported on Mac OS X 10.5.3). I'd love to learn I was wrong on that, though I'm not having luck finding anything about it online.
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    email sync question

    There is a setting on the iPhone (under Settings > Your Mail Account > Advanced) called "Delete from server" and the options are Never, Seven days, and When removed from inbox. I've never used this, but I imagine if you set this to "When removed from inbox," then deleting a mail on your iPhone...
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    iPhone address book dilemma

    I'm not sure if this works, or if it's worth $20 to you, but it says it will convert ipd to any other format. You could convert it to csv and import it to Outlook like that: And unfortunately I don't know of any other way to sync contacts than...
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    Applications will not open

    Yes, this is true--the solution is to reinstall the apps. But what I learned is that if you just reinstall one of the apps, then all the apps start working again. So I just deleted a free app, then chose to reinstall it from the store again. You'll actually get a message saying you've already...
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    Applications will not open

    I did the full restore, and I still have the same problem. Could it be a virus? Has anybody else had this problem? (Basically I click on an application, and it opens for 3 seconds but doesn't respond to any touch, then it closes and goes back to the home screen.)