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  • Hey its Zabumafu,

    I noticed you are a iPhone news type of guy and I was wondering if you wanted to help me out with something. I am starting a site because I need to pay for college and I just made it and I just learned I have to go out of the country for 2 weeks to see long family. I will have internet supposedly but I need some bloggers or forum members to keep content flowing into the site. I have been doing it for awhile but this is the most important time I have to get my site known is in the first few weeks.

    All I ask is that when you make a topic or discussion to keep content in and you can even copy and paste it here and be active on 2 forums and discussing the same thing. Please just check it out here:


    From there choose blog or forum and please just let content flow in. I will tell you when I am going I am leaving in a week and 2 days.

    Thanks man,

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