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    iPhone 5? But What to do with your Old iPhone?

    If the new iPhone is worth spending money on it, I'll give my "old" one to my little sister.
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    Say hello to our iPhone community!

    Here's another newbie :), looking forward to discover and participate in interesting discussions!
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    iPhone 2 PC Copy Software Needed

    Hi Elli, as drumthrasher109 said, I'd try Copytrans too. I used it to recover music and films from my iPhone with the latest iOS. However, I'm not sure whether it supports iOS 5 beta, but there's a trial version available on their website.
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    'Sync Books' sends 'Video' size to 11.2 GB

    Hi, already experienced some strange things with my iPhone, but this one is new ;) First thing to try: Reset. If this doesn't help, verfiy that you're using the newest version of iTunes and iOS. To sync books, iBooks needs to be installed on your iPhone. You can also try the iPhone...
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    iTunes Media Folder Cleaner App?

    Hi, I never tried them but maybe Dupeaway or TuneSweeper will do the trick. Both are available for Windows or Mac.