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    Video Game Consoles

    we have the xbox and the ps2. my kids and my husband really like both of them and I think each one has features that they like about each. the xbox seems to have more games that they prefer though.
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    I will personally be waiting for the price to drop myself. I think that is an outrageous price and refuse to get wrapped up in their money making scheme. they know people will pay this when it first comes out and that is why the high price, but I myself am not one of those people.
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    What other progams are you using?

    I have been using iTunes for music downloads. I haven't been downloading much music so for the occasional song that I want to get this works for me right now. But once I get back into downloading more music I think I will check out other options since iTunes is .99 per song.
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    Will you buy an iPhone?

    well I am certainly interested in checking this out when it becomes available. but my final decision as to if I buy one or not will be based on my opinion of it and most definitely on what the price for this will be.
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    Is this ever going to happen?

    I don't believe that this is a hoax, it may be taking them a while to do this, but it doesn't seem to me that it would be good businesss practice for a company like Apple to raise false hope for the consumers, I think it will eventually arrive.
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    How many will Apple Sell?

    I imagine that they will be able to sell a lot of these. people like technology and they like a device that can do more than one thing. I don't think they will have any problem as far as the market will go for these
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    When will it be out?

    The only thing that I have seen is that it is supposed to be out in january 07 I think. but I haven't seen anything as far as who will be carrying the phone or anything like that. I haven't really seen to much about it yet, just that it is supposed to come out.
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    Motorola and iPhone

    I know a lot of people that arent really big on motorola, and I have to wonder if this will be a factor when people consider purchasing one of these phones. but I guess there are people that arent fans of Apple either. maybe everyone's curiosity will just get the better of them :)
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    I expect the iPhone to have a bigger screen

    I thought that the screen looked like the size of an ipod screen also. I think it depends on each individual person though as to what their preferences are, some like the the screen to be bigger and some like the small ones.
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    Do you think that Apple should make a phone?

    If Apple does actually ever put out a phone I imagine it would be a good product, but I think it will also be a little pricey for a lot of households. I think they have the ability to do so and I am really kind of surprised that they haven't done it yet.