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    Ringtone Hack Works With 7.4.1 !

    yep - works great for me! I had trashed the folder with my created ring tones. I took it out of the trash, changed the ending to m4a, synced and bingo - they are right back on my phone. Gotta love it...
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    Props to Jobs for making even more money

    I was going to buy Leopard as soon as it came out no matter what. Two days ago I was happy with my iPhone and what I had paid for it. Today I find out I will save $100 when I buy Leopard. I'm a happy camper.
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    anyway i can change my number?

    I called AT&T and they changed my number for me. It did cost me $36 for the change, but since the number I was given at activation was in a different area code, the convenience of having a number in my area code was worth it. My iPhone still lists the old number on my settings pages, and no...
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    Bose in-ear headphones work!

    I've used the Bose in-ear headphones with my iPod for a while. At first I was bummed that they did not work with the iPhone. Then today I took a file to the circular end below the rectangular part of the plug, and with very little work the plug fits easily in the iPhone. No adapter needed. Very...
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    Will iPhone be sync with MS Outlook?

    Sure it will sync with Outlook - if you plug it in to your computer and your computer is or has recently been connected to your company Exchange server. What we are talking about is the fact that I never have to sync my Treo - it wirelessly and automatically syncs with my company Exchange...
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    Will iPhone be sync with MS Outlook?

    Which is exactly what my Treo does. I'd hate to end up having to choose between: iPhone - leave my iPod home, awesome interface, great screen, excellent talk and standby time, rock solid OS Treo - carry it and my iPod, old interface, good but small screen, OK talk and standby time, buggy...