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    Jason Chen's (Gizmodo Editor) Computers Seized

    I think there are 2 major issues here. 1. If you find something and take it is that considered stealing it? 2. When does the law view someone as 'journalist' and when is that person just called a 'blogger'? Is a blogger a journalist? For 1, I'm not really sure what to consider stealing...
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    iPhone 5 Megapixel Camera in 2010 and an 8 in 2011?

    Actually, I'm trying to compare the iPhone HD to EVO. The EVO will have an 8 megapixel camera, the iPhone HD (according to this article) will have a 5 megapixel camera. The comparison I made between the EVO and the 3GS was about the lens size, and that was only because I think the lens size of...
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    iPhone 5 Megapixel Camera in 2010 and an 8 in 2011?

    That's a good little example of the 8 megapixel camera on the HTC EVO. Notice how quickly the camera comes up, and how there is no shutter lag... Basically from now on I'm going to compare iPhone HD to HTC EVO (MAYBE the verizon incredible) and IMHO the EVO is winning. I saw that according to...
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    too much pressure for the iPhone HD?

    I'm pretty much EXACTLY where you are. I'm in San Diego though, and there are no plans to give us 4G coverage any time soon (3G has always been plenty fast for me honestly, even tethered to my laptop) and I STILL want the EVO. I love the kickstand. I LOVE the cameras (front facing... SKYPE!)...
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    Apple to Force Advertsing with iAds

    I'm assuming his will make it much easier for the developer to get adds into their apps. I'm no developer, so I'm not sure, but it just SEEMS like it'd be easier if there was one, easy, standard source for getting ads in your app. I think everyone just hates advertisements so much they think...
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    Any bundled apps?

    Are you making a pun here?
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    too much pressure for the iPhone HD?

    Really? After 4 days? Why? Did programs really crash? I really haven't had much experience with Android OS so I really can't say anything about it "working". I also kind of shrugged away the whole branding Apple has been able to make. Everyone thinks of Apple as being very clean and very...
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    too much pressure for the iPhone HD?

    I am not an "average user" but I do try to put myself in their shoes. I think when they think about buying a smartphone they all seem very similar, so they really need just one thing that will push them over the edge to buy whatever phone. As of now, iPhone kind of just has the role of "best...
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    Will iPad release schedule be like iPhone?

    I think they will. If not every year every two years, if not because the battery will be dead at about 2 years. Nobody wants to pay a couple hundred bucks to replace a battery on a 500$ item, and Apple knows that.
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    Will you be an iPad subscriber?

    Please tell me if you plan on subscribing to iPad, or your thoughts on it. What do I mean? Well, I am an iPhone subscriber. I have bought every iPhone generation there is. I will probably do this again in summer (unless I end up being able to get my hands on an HTC evo 4G). So the question...
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    Twitepad, iPad Twitter app

    Please don't complicate Twitter.
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    Will the iPhone be available for Sprint in the near future?

    I personally think this phone (HTC EVO 4G) is a better phone than the iPhone 3Gs. I wouldn't be too surprised to find out it's better than the next iPhone generation too.
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    Windows Server 2008 vs Mac OSX Server

    Honestly, I'm really not sure about businesss-sized servers, but as styfle said 85% of the internet is served via Linux, so I'd imagine there must AT LEAST a few very large businessses that run servers off of Linux. Also, I have a feeling that you went through Windows certification program...
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    Windows Server 2008 vs Mac OSX Server

    I really have to agree with styfle on this. Unix is the way to go as far servers are concerned. For this reason I would tell you OS X server is better than it's windows counterpart. Whatever server you are trying to run (SSH, FTP, SFTP, AFP, Web Dav, Apache) is fairly straight forward with...
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    Syncing Video

    Actually, I just had the same problem and the solution was basically what Pink said. More explicitly 1. connect iPhone to computer 2. select iPhone under "devices" on the left side *3. Check box "Include Videos" under the Photos tab The iPhone can't take a video that the iPhone can't play...