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    The 3GS screen feels so good

    Apple probably buffed a layer of RainX on it. :-)
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    Share with us your 3GS activation story

    How did you activate your iPhone 3GS? In particular, if you have a family plan with multiple phones where you are using an older phone's eligibility to upgrade, but keeping your current number. If phone was delivered by mail, did you just activate at home via iTunes? Did you need to go...
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    Activation Instructions from AT&T

    I am using another phone's upgradability in my Family Plan to use on my number. Do you guys think I could just switch the sim cards and try to activate over iTunes or do you really think I need to do the below to activate? Im concerned because I do not want to activate an old phone that is not...
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    How about doing the family plan switcheroo to ge a 3GS?

    We have a family plan with 3 phones. My phone on the plan is the one not eligible for the 3GS subsidized plan upgrade. What if I upgraded one of the phones that is eligible (my mom's phone) to the 3GS and swap my sim card from my 3G into the 3GS? As long as all phones are active ATT would...
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    My iPhone is now a "hand-me-down" for my GF

    My GF and I are both on one Family plan under one account. Looks like it's pretty straight forward then. But what about her non-iphone sim card. She's got a Blackjack right now. Her Sim should work fine in my iPhone right?
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    My iPhone is now a "hand-me-down" for my GF

    What do I need to do to transfer my info/number onto the iPhone 2.0 coming out this month? Is it as simple as just changing the sim card? Do I need to contact my service provider? :laugh2:
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    200 MB of "OTHER" on my iPhone?

    The other 200 MBs are widgets and apps that have yet to be unlocked until future software updates::angry:
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    Update Coming Thursday!

    pwned! looks like no upuddy datuddy for us now we can go on with our lives...
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    Can I return an unopened iPod even if it was engraved?

    Can I return? Apple site says I can't but mine is not even opened. It was a tradeshow giveaway. D-
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    My External Speakers are dead?

    Hey guys thanks for the suggestions! I did what you said and now my speakers are working just fine!:tounge:
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    My External Speakers are dead?

    I have no idea what happened. My external speaker are no longer working. I've even went through two software restores without further success. What should I do? I purchased my phone on iDay. Will I be without a phone while its being repaired? Am I just out of luck? any advice...
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    Want to file lawsuit on incase

    which case? the rubber ones?
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    Will I be able to surf the net for FREE at Starbucks?

    I know we will soon get access to the iTunes music store on our iDevices but can I sit there and surf the net at Starbucks without any additional logging in?
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    who hates "update coming" post's

    update 1.0.2 is here! woohoo! did you get this update? plug in now! :)
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    Official iPhone Software Update 1.0.2 Discussion

    I notice that music can be played much louder through the external speakers without much if any distortion at high volumes (EQ is set to off) before I would hear distortion at high volumes. check it out, is it just me? D-