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  • ADORING MY SPACE GRAY 256GB iPAD PRO 9.7"! LOVING MY iPHONE 6s PLUS! Needing to take my iMac back to Apple 4 repair!
    ADORING MY SPACE GRAY 128GB iPAD AIR 2! STILL LOVING MY iPHONE 6 PLUS! Thanks Apple for repairing my iMAC in 4 days! APPLE ROCKS!!
    Hey Sharunda...2 big thumbs up for SGP screen protector!! I told you I would have let you know...I tried it..and I can't live without it any more :) So thanks for convincing me and guiding me through the way of the Force!!
    Feeling really satisfied! EIC ROCKS! 1st Day of Summer, yeah boy!! Follow me on Twitter @Sharunda
    Listening to A LOT OF SNEEZING & COUGHING!(here @ work) I wish these people would use their medical coverage already! GET HEALTHY DAMN IT!
    Just Lovin this new EIC SOOO MUCH! I'm loggin in every chance I get. Everytime my iPhone chimes that there is an update I check immediately!
    Marveling at the new EIC! Wondering where my Friends went off to. Hoping that the Following Function is the same as my group of Friends.
    Delete some of your private messages I just sent you this big long message and it did not go through because you need to delete some of your inbox messages.
    HEY! If you are in here. I didn't know I was supposed to make this interesting. Thanks for caring enough to visit.
    Okay, I'll talk about iStuff. I LUV my iPhone 4! My next iToy will be the iPad. I wanted to buy it immediately when it came out but I'm glad I've waited. The next generation is going to be worth the wait. I can use it all over the house & it's good for guests so they can lay off my iMac. when they visit.
    I'm a proud owner of an all-in-one iMac 27" MONSTER! That thing is just awesome. So what it's an All-In-One. I've gotten a lot of **** for it being an All-In-One but that thing is awesome and I wouldn't trade it for the world.
    Oh & I love the EIC! Best Forum ever! People in here are GR8. U can get help & learn a lot. One thing though, be careful of Napoleon_PhoneApart. He watches everyone closely. Be very careful of what you say & no SPAM please! Check out my Wallpaper Album. I put a collection of downloaded wallpapers and some that I changed in there. Enjoy!
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