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    Battery draining with everything off?

    A solution that I've found extremely helpful is to go into Settings-->Location Services-->System Services--> and then turn off Everything except Cell Network Search and Traffic. This has improved my battery from being abysmal to being fantastic. The big fix was the auto set of the clock...
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    Calendar Event - The Easy Way in iOS5

    That's kind of my question. What iOS are you running on your iPhone 4? I think it may be a feature limited to iOS 5.
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    Calendar Event - The Easy Way in iOS5

    NP. Glad it wasn't a re-post. I happened to rest my finger on a day and it when to a new screen.
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    iOS 5 Beta Battery Life Thread

    My battery life was horrible the first couple days, but once I disabled almost all of the cloud features, I noticed a drastic increase in my battery life. The backing-up to the cloud is what is killing it!
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    iOS 5 beta 1 for daily use?

    I've installed it on my wife's 3GS and it is rather laggy! I am very tempted to roll back to iOS 4.3.3 so that she'll have a more stable device.
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    Calendar Event - The Easy Way in iOS5

    This may be old news and if it is kill the thread, but I noticed this morning that an easy way to add a new event in the calendar app was to select the date you wanted and then continue to hold. It then pops up with the screen to enter the information. Hope this helps someone else! E
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    iOS 5 Discussion Thread

    I installed this on my wifes 3GS and it works great!
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    What's this icon?

    Can't see it. A third of the screen is cut off. E
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    Multiple Lines?

    Yes. I did the same thing last year. I purchased the phone at Apple and then went to an AT&T store and had them switch the data plan to the correct line. You'll need to make sure that the person who's upgrade you are using is either there with you or has access to an AT&T store, because you are...
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    Win the iPhone 4

    Chris you've done such a wonderful job with this site and this app! -E
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    FirstClass Email Client

    FirstClass iPhone App is finally out! Just wanted to post an update and let everyone know that the FirstClass app is finally out! I had a hard time searching for it in the app store so I'll post a link to make it a little easier. Enjoy! E...
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    FirstClass Email Client

    @dekstrom glad to hear that you got it working, although not completely. @lexxgordon Are you trying to set it up with IMAP or POP3? Have you checked with your Network Admin to ensure that either/both of those are enabled? E
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    FirstClass Email Client

    Have you tried one of the following? 1) Turn the contacts and calendar on/off. Just to reset the data. 2) Deleting the account and inputting your info again. Also, is your data still on the Firstclass server? If for some reason it got deleted it will only sync what is there. E P.S. Where are...
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    FirstClass Email Client

    So let me see if I understand you correctly....before you updated to 3.0 you had all of your contacts on your phone synced through FC using Exchange and now you've setup your FC account on your phone the same way you had it setup before? Assuming this is what you mean will you share your...
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    FirstClass Email Client

    I'm not sure what you mean when you say you lost all of your contacts. Did you have a restore you could sync with iTunes so that all of your data was still there? Did you sync your contacts with Firstclass and now they won't sync? E