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    iPhone 6s Touch ID requires your password after 48 hours… bug makes it happen sooner?

    Me too, first time last night. On my iPhone 6s Plus and this morning on my iPad Air 2
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    iPhone 6s Links On Safari Google Page Unresponsive.

    Me too. Almost seems like you have to double click sometimes. I'm guessing it has something to do with 3d touch.
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    How do I transfer pictures, music from Galaxy S3 to iPhone 6?

    Kind of a two step operation IMO. 1- to transfer your music connect a cable to your galaxy locate the folders that your pictures and music are in. 2- create a file on a pc or Mac for your pictures 3- put your music files on iTunes. 4- sync your iohone with iTunes. As long as you select the...
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    Finger scanner does not work when charging since 7.1 upgrade

    Ok. This is weird. I just plugged it into an Apple charger with an Apple cable and it worked. I was using a griffin charger with Apple cable. I guess Apple and griffin sometimes don't like to share a sand box. Sent using iCafe app
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    Finger scanner does not work when charging since 7.1 upgrade

    It's plugged directly into a walk outlet using a Apple original cable. Sent using iCafe app
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    Finger scanner does not work when charging since 7.1 upgrade

    The title pretty much says it all. The Touch ID finger scanner does not work when charging since 7.1 upgrade. I never noticed this before.
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    Which iPad Air Did You Buy?

    64gig space grey.
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    is this a bug with ios 7?

    Mine works fine.
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    iOS7 display - everything too large

    I believe your talking about " move and scale" which has not worked since ios 7 and has not been addressed in any of the updates. Really sucks. Complaints about this are documented all over the web. Turning reduce motion does not work.
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    Wife's sent messages come up as mine

    If your talking about text messages ON HER PHONE go to settings/ message / send and receive. Make sure your phone number is NOT CHECKED.
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    Camera flash

    Same here. I find I have to use my judgment and force flash on. The auto setting does not work well.
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    Photos in the album

    Same here. Can't be done.
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    5s sync issue

    Yep. Went the restore route. Lesson learned. Sent using iCafe app
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    5s sync issue

    Just got my 5s today and set off to restore from a backup and sync music. I had 11gigs available and all was fine. Halfway through syncing music the cable unplugged and I had to start over. As soon as I plugged back in iTunes was reporting only 2gigs available and showing like 10 gigs in other...
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    iPhone 5s Tracking Thread

    Tracking number received for Wednesday delivery. Purchased on launch day from Verizon on Line.