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    Never-Ending Respring

    So I updated 4 tweaks about an hour ago (Lockinfo, Springtomize 2, Lib Weather, and WeeToolBox), and has since then been respringing every time the lockscreen has finished loading. Wont go into Safe Mode either, as it doesn't recognize it as a "crash." I have tried doing a hard reset, tried...
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    Weird speaker problem due to Cydia app?

    Ok, I figured out the problem. It was a Cydia app, but one that I used so infrequently I hadn't noticed. When I turn on the Hands Free tweak for Siri, the audio gets a little wonky. But when it's turned off, it goes back to normal.
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    Unlimited Plan: To Keep or Not To Keep

    Well, day before the end of my billing cycle, and I've used almost 1.5 Gb. However I notice throttling at the start/middle of my billing cycle (about the 25th-28th). Any thoughts on that one?
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    Weird speaker problem due to Cydia app?

    Haven't installed anything in about a week. I did forget to mention that I had the standard Apple earbuds in when I went to answer the call. On a side note, I dunno what happened, but it seems to have fixed itself.
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    Weird speaker problem due to Cydia app?

    Yes, the headset. The options in the apps are [iPhone Speaker] and [iPhone]. Speaker is the normal speaker for ringtones/music, and [iPhone] is the headset speaker.
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    Weird speaker problem due to Cydia app?

    Ok, I have an interesting, unusual problem. I went to answer my phone when it decided to crash and return to safe mode. Since then when I lock/unlock my phone the audio comes from the speaker at the top, and there's an option when I'm listening to music/YouTube to play from the speaker on top...
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    How long does it take to jailbreak my iPhone 4s in Windows?

    One tip if you are using the 2.0 ver, if you're phone doesn't restart after using the absinth app on the phone after like an hour, then unplug your phone re-run the jailbreak from step one, but before you hit the absinth app again, unplug the phone then hit the app. If it's like mine, then it...
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    Absinthe Survey

    Did not erase or reset, took about 10 min (after spending 40 min trying to figure out what I was doing wrong). Toshiba satellite with windows vista, had the white icons and non-playing tracks, but it's all good now. (also, when using the Windows version of Absinthe, if it doesn't work the...
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    iPhone 4S and iPad 2 Jailbreak Bugs and Incompatible Apps

    So I'm using the Windows version of Absinthe, and it's been saying "ABSINTHE is now setting things up, please stand-by" for about 30 minutes now. Should I just retry the jailbreak again, or wait it out longer? (Did anyone else have this issue with the Windows version?)
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    Quick Toggles for iPhone Settings

    You visit the site on your iPhone, not the pc ;) Sent from my iPhone 4S using iCafe app
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    iPhone 5 News?

    As IP5 pointed out, 2012 is near guaranteed to see a new iPhone. The question is will it be in June-July like "normal", or later in the year like the iPhone 4S. Sent from my iPhone 4S using iCafe app
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    Unable to convert songs from Frostwire to iTunes

    I have a few songs on my phone that sync, but won't play on my iPhone (didn't work on my 3GS and don't work on my new 4S). When I get to those songs, on the 3GS it skipped them, but my 4S completely bugs out, stops playing, and won't resume on a new song till I kill the app from the multitask...
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    please help !

    Cydia apps won't sync, however, they won't disappear either. Untethered is better than tethered because you won't need to have a computer around to reboot. If you are going to move from tethered to untethered, I would first make a list of Cydia apps you are using, uninstall them in Cydia, then go to...
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    Why is the off button on the top right?

    To the OP; If you don't like your current phone, return it within the 30 day guarantee/grace period and get a different one. I hear Android makes smartphones too, though good luck finding one with the power button on the left. (Don't know of one personally) (Y) Sent from my iPhone 4S using...
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    Found out how to lengthen battery life on 4s

    It used to be that if you crossed timezones/ daylight savings time changed that you had to power the phone off for the time to change. This feature let's you keep your iPhone on. Sent from my iPhone 4S using iCafe app