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  • Just enjoying this new Greenpoison jailbreak. I haven't updated since 4.01. Apparently, a lot of other people have also been waiting on this jailbreak since it seems the repo and Cydia servers are being hit like crazy.
    Did you send me the right message?? I don't understand this one.

    Strangly, I tried updateing the carrier file a couple of more times.... and it finally worked.

    I didn't put anything in the settings for the MMS, it just works.
    Hey shutter, i asked bout mms options before

    but i had a question since i had to uninstall the current itunes, i don't want my library to get deleted or be gone

    its this itunes.itl file wat u mean when u said to move it so the library doesn't get deleted?
    or did u mean something else by that?
    i just don't want my library to get deleted
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