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    iPhone Network Unlocking

    The problem here (i think) is the fact you guys are using quickpwn. They have not come out with a software unlock for the 2.1 firmware so you need to be running 2.0.2 at the most, with WINpwn 2.5, not quickpwn. From there, I think you have to use expert mode to put in the bootloaders, then make...
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    iPhone Network Unlocking

    Did you make sure the "unlock" box was checked on the page with "install cydia, install installer, change boot logos"? If so, did it then take you to a screen that allows you to select 2 bootloaders (v3.9 and v4.6 I think)? IF SO, did you select the two bootloaders that you should have...
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    How to make free phone calls with Fring

    Voip buster makes free calls to land lines? Thats pretty impressive. Ive been using fring with skype and yeah theres a 1 second delay, but theres always a 1 second delay with voip, right? That was my understanding, unless you have an actual voip service like vonage or something. What im...
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    The internet radio apps are amazing

    Am I the only one having problems with streaming music from Pandora on my Old ass iPhone? Running on edge I get about 3/4 of the way through the song and it stops to reload.... its no fun at all. Wifi is fine, but when im near wifi, i have a computer, i need this in my car! And its not even...
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    has anyone seen the LG voyager?

    Yeah, obviously sharing some traits with iPhone, but it has one outstanding feature that iPhone contractually will not have for a long, long time...... That would be service. I love the iPhone, but I might love being able to consistently make calls a little more. iPhone + AT&T = a sweet ipod...
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    12 megabytes left?

    I still have about 80 megs left, but it used to be at 130 or so. I was trying to do something about it and uninstalled a couple of apps, but even after I uninstalled the apps, the number stayed the same. I install, the amount of free space obviously goes down, I uninstall, the amount of free...
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    Why are we trying to jailbreak 1.1.1?

    Apple put a few tweaks in the software with the double tap ipod function and the double space deal, but true, nothing THAT important. However, the reason we are trying to crack open the new firmware is to stay on top of the game. if we didn't know where Apple put the barriers on one update, and...
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    More Legit 3rd Party iPhone Applications on the Way?

    and surely our current 3rd party apps will have to go before we can put Apple's games on it. isn't it obvious that they are not worthy of being on the same springboard? Hopefully they can start getting their sh*t together.
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    Official iPhone Update 1.1.1 Software Update Release Discussion

    well it appears as if the dock doesn't have 4-poles on the line out, meaning TV out could only be possible using a new RCA cable running from the top of the phone, or a new dock with the proper line out for audio AND video. either way, we have to buy something new. bastards... that was the only...
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    Finally... the update.....

    Im pretty sure my chest just exploded, Ill send you the hospital bill. :angry:
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    Update - Screen doesn't go off while on the phone, then goes to sleep..

    phew! I read this while I was in line at the Apple store. Turns out I have a skin on the phone, it has a cut out where the sensor is but I had no idea what it was for. Either way, i took it off and adjusted it and we are back in businesss! Thanks guys!
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    Update - Screen doesn't go off while on the phone, then goes to sleep..

    nope, still does it. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH MY PHONE?!? agggghhhh
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    Update - Screen doesn't go off while on the phone, then goes to sleep..

    Bump, anyone, I even did another restore and its STILL doing it.
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    Update - Screen doesn't go off while on the phone, then goes to sleep..

    Well, not sure if it is related to the update, but I updated and restored last night... Now when I am on a call and put the phone to my ear, the screen stays on the whole time as if I am using a regular app, then after a minute it goes into auto-lock. Therefore, when I finish the call and pull...