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    Scratches on Chrome Trim?

    i think its the cases you guys use.... i don't have one and i had my iph0ne since the first day it came out, and my ph0ne still looks brand new :D
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    i am sick ! and tried of hearing people say.. ... ..

    that's how i feel.... i hope there is no second gen and the price Never drop....
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    i am sick ! and tried of hearing people say.. ... ..

    ok what da **** are you blahing about ? did u read my post? i was refering to other people's comment about the phone, i have the g0d damn phone... im am ANNOYED of people who look down on u, just b/c they cant afford one or doesn't really know much about it, because right when i popped out my iPhone...
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    Has any one met other iPhone users in the public?

    i was wondering the same thing, and so far i have only seen ONE other DUDE with it ! and he was some weird looking kid..... and his iph0ne looked like it was in jail, the whole ph0ne was protected with a case and he HAD A STRING ATTACTED TO IT ! o.0 wth..... p.s eat p0op
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    i am sick ! and tried of hearing people say.. ... ..

    omfg why did all these people buy the "iph0ne" so stupid i rather wait and buy the next gen, all these stupid people that bought the first ones are FOOLS ! so many buggs and what not ..... i over heard some kids talking about it in the mall food court, and some of the bugs they talked about...
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    For those interested in 'upgrading' from 4GB to 8GB

    that's weird, it only took me 45 or less minutes to do all this .... :d
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    The iPhone is more fiction than reality

    omg someone give this man A HUG ! dammit