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    "Cydia is not yet prepared to accept money..."

    Thanks. I guess I just never jailbroke so soon after an exploit was released, so I never saw the message before.
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    "Cydia is not yet prepared to accept money..."

    I've been away from iOS for a couple of years, but I don't recall ever seeing this message in Cydia on previous devices. Substrate was updated this morning, so Saurik is obviously busy hammering away at upgrades, but it's weird to see tweaks updated for the newest firmware and ready to go, but...
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    iOS 7 App updates

    Good to know. Thanks, RoofMonkey.
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    iOS 7 App updates

    Something's broken. I briefly saw some updates available when opening the App Store app, then they disappeared from the list. I searched for one of them, and was able to update the app that way, but other available updates still don't show on the list.
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    iOS 7 lock screen bug - Access all photos Send email

    And if you assign a picture to a contact, you can see all the names in the phone's contact list. You can't see any of the personal info for the contacts, though (not that I've found).
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    Moving a file with iFile

    Try to play the file in the DropBox app. It'll come up as a text file of code. Tap the arrow icon on the lower right corner. You should see options for apps to open the file in. Tap iFile. From the options you can "Play Audio File" or "Cancel". Either way, the file will be there in the iFile...
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    Trouble with an app

    I'm jailbroken on 5.0.1 and myfitnesspal works fine, FWIW.
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    My Screen Shrunk

    If you can get to the point where you can uninstall Cydia packages, I had the same problem with "LastApp" after updating to 5.0.1. But I has SBSettings installed so I was able to get into safe mode.
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    Auto-close Folders

    FolderCloser. Folder Enhancer also has that feature, and other cool stuff. EDIT: Oops...thought I was in the forum that shall not be named. :o Nothing for a stock device, that I know of.
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    Searching for an app that

    There's a toggle for SBSettings that turns off the 3G radio, but it's strictly manual. SBSchedule is a paid app that works with SBSettings and allows you to schedule when various things will turn on and off. It's kind of clumsy, but it works. Text messaging will still work.
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    I got the same "paid" message. I'm assuming it's a glitch and it'll be worked out shortly.
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    AT&T advertising pop-ups?

    Have you checked recently? After I moved, I had my 3G scheduled to turn off when I'm at home because I only got Edge out here. At some point AT&T switched on the 3G, and I only found out because I was fiddling with settings and saw the icon.
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    PKGBackup data doesn't exist?

    So did flightmedic's suggestion work, snowy?
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    The Fail Forum

    What should be going on in this forum? A forum is what it is because of the contributions of the membership. Maybe you could contribute what's missing and bring it up to it's potential?
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    Homescreen Settings

    Yes. I uninstalled LI and still had crashes with Homescreen Settings installed. I got the same error message again from Cydia when uninstalling HS, and had to "forcibly clear" remnants of it. It would have been handy, but it just doesn't like my phone, it seems.