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    I want push notification already!

    Really looking forward to that day..
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    Seriously This is Crap My OTHER is over 5GB

    Too much pr0n?
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    SMS Alert Problem

    I wish I could turn it off..
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    Adobe Confirms Flash For iPhone

    I only want it so certain sites will load correctly, lol.
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    how fast can you type on your iPhone

    39wpm no errors
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    I must be the biggest idiot on the planet....

    Thank you!
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    Security Alert: first iPhone vulnerability

    Same here :lol:
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    how long until sNES on the iPhone?

    Geez, I remember when that was first posted. :lol:
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    iPhone iCon Change Icons on your home screen

    On a mac Fixed the problem (was a bad set of icons, saved improperly by the sender) Here's what I'm working with now. mmm
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    iPhone iCon Change Icons on your home screen

    coming up with .. iPhone:/# cd /Applications/ iPhone:/Applications/ putfile icon.png Problem with AFCFileRefWrite: 12 iPhone:/Applications/
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    Does anyone actually use their "Favorites" contacts?

    Love my fav list
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    good software to chop songs to make a nice ringer.

    Audacity user here
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    Has any one met other iPhone users in the public?

    Have yet to see one in public.. Still feels like I'm the only one.
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    Check and record your iPhone network Speed

    Edge: 209 Wifi: 1179
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    Bank of America?

    What can't the mobile version do?