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    HELP! Why is my iPhone getting so HOT!

    is this widespread or was i just unlucky to get a bad device?
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    HELP! Why is my iPhone getting so HOT!

    I just upgraded to the 3GS from my old BB Curve and this thing gets so hot it makes my face feel like its gonna catch fire. I could litterally fry an egg on this damn thing. I haven't had a chance to take it to AT&T yet, but i will after the holiday. Anyone else have this problem?
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    woud you like an iPod touch search feature?

    i would love to have that. it doesn't seem right that the iPod touch doesn't have a feature where u can search through your files like the iPod "Classic" now has. seems like it would make more sense to have a search feature on the iPod touch since it has a keyboard and not a scroll wheel like the Classic...
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    Can a jailbreak be undone?

    i want to try jailbreaking my Touch but i don't want to void my there a way to undo the jailbreak? so if i had a problem w/ my ipod i could undo it and still technically be under warranty. i doubt this would work but if anyone has any info let me kno. .....or should i jus...
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    Official Release Date!

    i don't know what to believe anymore.....everytime im on here i get a different RD on this cell:angry:
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    What would be your favorite HACK of the iPhone?

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    4GB or 8GB?

    if this happens to me im just gonna have to walk away and wait for the next shipment. it would be hard to do, but i would feel like im settling for something thats not the best and thats not a feeling i want to have when im putting up that kinda of money
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    broken iPod problems with iPhone

    i will definitely get the Apple care for my iPhone
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    I have a sprint contract...any help on getting out of it?

    I currently have a contract with Sprint that i've had for awhile and im not happy with their service at all, which is a major reason why i want to get out of it and get a new contract with Cingular. Any ideas on how i could possibly get out of the contract with sprint to get an iPhone and...
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    How did you find EverythingiPhone

    i found it through when i was all about treos, which i heardd about from a Cingular store employee<<<<<<--Cingular Store employee
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    Long Lines? What to Expect on Release Day?

    ahh i really hope ppl don't start camping out like 4 days before the release date like they did for the PS3 release... i just cant see myself camping outside for a cell phone..... i guess i will have to wait a little longer if all the iPhones sell out in the first shipment
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    I already have an iPod, should I get an iPhone?

    its really completely up to you. i am going to get one probably a week after it releases so i can read the user reviews, but im already sold on it. hopefully they will be fully stocked in stores and readily available to meet demand
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    Mobile Cell Phone Banking to be offered by Cingular/AT&T

    I really hope they do this. I would like it a lot
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    No stylus?

    sounds cool
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    Free 1 1/2 yr iPhone Plan?

    it was on, not youtube....