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    Import Facebook profile pics into contacts?

    Is there a way to just important the profile pics (and only the pictures) into my contacts? The only way I know of is to sync the Facebook contacts into my contacts, but then I get a ton of extra contacts and that's annoying to me.
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    Genuine cases vs fake ones?

    I think it depends on the brand it's impersonating honestly. like I would never attempt to buy a fake Otterbox or Lifeproof case online, there's many smaller brands for cheaper that do a good job. But for cases that are purely cosmetic, like Kate Spade or Tory Burch cases, I think people would...
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    How to clean a rubber case?

    I tried the rubbing alcohol, it didn't do much but I appreciate the suggestions! I have a bunch of other cases, not a big deal
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    Blackberry or Droid notification sounds?

    Is there anyway to get Blackberry or Droid notification sounds onto my iPhone to use for text and email sounds? I really loved the Blackberry sounds.. lol
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    iPhone 4S: Black or White?

    I got a white 4S because that's all Best Buy had in stock and I was nearing my 30 day return window. I'm glad I got it though because my cases are really bright colored and I feel like the brightness of the case pops better with the white. The only thing I don't like is when lint gets in...
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    How to clean a rubber case?

    I have an Incipio NGP case that has gotten filthy in the past month or so. It's probably a combination of where I work, plus I constantly shove my phone in my back jean pockets, so the denim dye has transferred to the pink color and makes it look...bruised haha. Any suggestions on how to clean...
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    Its been awhile since anyone asked. Headphone for Music.

    i use the dre beats i got with my HTC rezound. works fine, but i don't notice any differences anyway.
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    Thinnest case, Desmay. Anyone got it?

    My fiance had one for awhile, he bought it online for like $20. He wasn't really a fan, he drops his phone a lot at work so he went with a Lifeproof and gave the Desmay to his daughters boyfriend. I don't see how it would protect an iPhone from a big drop, but scratches and stuff would be okay...
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    How to dial using contact name...

    Well if you go to the Phone icon, you can go to Contacts, type in their name, and the list will pop up. Or use Siri/ Voice Control, depending on what iPhone you have.
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    Does draining the battery help?

    My battery lasts a full day no problem, and when I plug it in at night it's usually around 40% or so. Someone at the Apple store told me before that it helps to let the battery drain itself once or twice a month, and then let it recharge fully and carry on as normal. But whenever I do that, it...
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    iPhone not updated to day light saving

    Mine went back an hour >.<
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    How much have you spent?

    $8.68 on 4 I've had $33 on my account forever. I just don't buy apps or songs too often.
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    App that allows songs for SMS tones

    You can buy them as Alerts, in the App Store.
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    iPhone 4S Back Panel

    Hm, hard to say. I just tapped the back of my phone all over and it sounds fine, but I don't really know what I'm listening for. If you're concerned, take it to an Apple store.
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    iPhone tracking app

    What service do you have? I know AT&T has a parent tracker/ GPS location type of service for I think $3 a month? I'm sure the other 2 providers have something like that also.