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    The "Hey I got mine" thread!

    Got mine only had to wait three hours...the heat was epic. Now i'm just waiting for my movies and music to sync so i can put more fingerprints on it! :D:D:D. Congrats to all on their iPhones <3
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    Cash or Card?

    gonna use the debit card. thats a lot of cash to be holding at one time
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    What time are going to start waiting in line?

    prob. gonna pull up to the store around 5-6pm...don't think it'll be that big down here either.
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    iPhone video at

    i love the video, but the ringtone part made me a little custom tones! i hope we can customize our ringtones next friday. :(
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    How long will you charge it?

    totally gonna slack off @ work with it while its charging
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    this time next week....

    Prob gonna take a drive to a few stores to see if there are any campers around... then go to sleep if i can. Might be way to excited to sleep tho lol
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    Say hello to our iPhone community!

    Hey guys, giving u all a wassup from N.O.