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    Solitaire game?

    Did you not ready Oompa's reply? You're not very bright for a Dr...
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    New VoIP app, NikoTalkie... anyone else try it?

    Thanks thats what it was... my phone auto capped the first letter...
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    New VoIP app, NikoTalkie... anyone else try it?

    Ok i swear i tried 3 times to sign up for this and it still says Login Error "invalid userame and or password. Please check your login settings.." I signed up through the sign up button and got the confirmation... Is there something I left out?
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    forced Facebook mobile?

    Yeah I just saw that last night... could they make the link any smaller? :tounge: I still think the iPhone layout is the best though!
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    Txt ringtone

    Can't you do it through iBrickr... I know you can change tones for many things on iBrickr.. shutting down start up noise and all that fun crap.
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    MobileCast - Anyone get it to work?

    Sweet... I guess i'll wait for it to get on installer.. too lazy to do the long way of installing it. :2cool:
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    No NES ROM's were Found. can some one help me?

    Anything that has the extension .NES should work.
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    MobileCast - Anyone get it to work?

    So when you download these podcasts, are you able to delete them later or are they just temporarily cached till you close the program? Yeah I have to agree with you on the Wifi or Edge.... I tried both and didn't work. But i'm gonna give your linky a shot. Any other good podcast links out there?
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    MobileCast - Anyone get it to work?

    So I downloaded MobileCast from Installer and the program came up fine... but when i tried to plug in a feed URL. It came back with invalid link. Did anyone even get it to work?
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    No NES ROM's were Found. can some one help me?

    use a NES emulator and play the game on your pc to see if it works.
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    Linksys router, password issues

    you have to enter the 10 digit key not the password you used to log into router. You can find it on your wireless settings page or security page.
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    Apple iPod/iPhone automotive holder & FM transmitter. - Anyone use this?

    Well if you own a G35 I can tell you how to get it done stat.
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    iPhone Users: reply and send e-mails 8X faster using voice

    Yes, I think its the second part of your businesss plan that kills it. No one will pay for a service where you have to do 2 steps when actually can be done in one. Sending it to yourself and then sending it out is way to complicated. And can you imaging typing a email address when driving......
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    $100 store credit question...VERY IMPORTANT!

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    forced Facebook mobile?

    inferior? You must be crazy... I think it looks way better what they did to it. No unnecessary scrolling and tabbed... and to answer your question. I don't think there is a way to go back. Its something they implement on their part. Website recognizes your iPhone and then thereforee displays...