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    Where do I get summerboard from?

    I don't see it on the installer list I'm new to all this so.....
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    Why can't you text in landscape mode

    like when using safari the keyboard would be so much better for texts
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    How much ram does the iPhone have?

    On the iPhone (Original 2G), I was wondering what processor it is using and the speed. Also, how much RAM is in the iPhone?
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    Do the Apple Stores sell the refurbished iPhones?

    i seen that they sell them online just wondering if the local stores sell them as well?
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    AT&T doesn't listen!

    did you pay for an 8 gig and they sent a 4 gig?
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    Are we going to get more widgets?

    course they will charge thats not even a question
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    I have great news!

    yes i doubt the edge would work i know the visual voicemail wouldn't but i wouldn't care if i could use my iPhone with my t-mobile sim that would be great i would just use wifi for the internet and all
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    CAUTION! Do not use magnetic case

    hope this isn't true cause i ordered a case a few days ago that has a magnetic close on it ive used them with many other pda's and never had problems so
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    28 Page iPhone Review ! ! ! ! !

    i think thats true i remember hearing about that a while ago
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    So how many charges is the battery good for?

    Has Apple provided any information on the lifespan of the iPhone battery? In particular, how many hours can it charge before it needs to be replaced?
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    Have questions about iPhone? Apple tech here

    How much ram does the iPhone have?
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    opinions on the camera

    well imagine the **** they would have got if it had no camera
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    How to use iPhone without AT&TService.

    exactly so people will still be stuck specially overseas buyers
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    What's a hard reset do exactly?

    "Hold the power button (top of phone) and the home button at the bottom of the phone at the same time. This will hard reset it." is this like a reformat that deletes everything to factory settings or what?
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    Battery life is garbage

    my battery life kinda blows as well but i think its cause where i live the ATT signal blows