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    can someone pleasee

    I decide to wait. LOL, just about a week.
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    3GS vs. 3G vs. v1 plans

    3GS is very cool. But I don't feel surprise at all.
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    Making a playlist from iPhone

    I hope so. :p
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    Phone gets slow...

    I use memotool, also pretty good. :P
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    Transferring songs/movies from iPhone to Computer, how?

    I copied the whole music folder from iPhone to computer :P
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    No ring when SMS is received

    The problem of mine is I always cant hear the ringtone. The sound is too low.
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    crazy stuff

    I think it's a hoax?
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    traffic with maps

    +1 I always meet the situation like that
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    contact sorting

    iPhone can group the contacts? How to do it?
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    iPhone messaging

    I think it might be not iPhone's problem. I used Nokia before and this problem also happened sometimes. But it would fix by itself. Very strange.
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    Am I SOL?

    Yup, I think this can work:smile:
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    Call duration?

    This can only check the duation from computer.
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    Moving music off iPhone to iTunes?

    I copyed all music to my PC and then sync with iTunes. :(
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    What’s your best way to protect your cell phone?

    Any brands to recommend?
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    Using a normal o2 SIM

    You can use it if the iPhone is Unlocked.