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    Most expensive app....

    Exactly. This really points out a big problem with the app store reviews: the store lets you "review" an application without even purchasing it. What's the point? I see apps now where folks are writing things like "1 Star —this shouldn't cost $10." Same thing applies here. C'mon Apple... at...
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    Cant someone make an MMS app for the app store?

    you should laugh at them and tell them to get a real phone that can actually support e-mail not crappy hacks like MMS.
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    What the Heck?

    Actually there are 2 Apple stores closer than the one in Madison.... Glendale and Milwaukee. I was at the Bayshore one awhile back and they gave me a replacement iPhone (because I was having problems with static in the headphone jack). Where does your friend live? BTW those maps aren't...
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    2.0 includes contacts app

    security by obscurity is never a good security practice... ever. password protect your phone if you're worried about privacy or don't share your phone. even if the contacts app wasn't there, people can still see all your contacts just by going into the phone icon.
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    IT help needed

    I think your IT guys are just blowing you off. What probably needs to happen is the device may need to be added to the domain to let you "in." Otherwise you should be able to access Exchange just by providing the relevant details (username, pass, domain, and exchange server address).
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    3G speeds DISAPPOINTING... *video proof*

    Where did you hear that? That's obviously fabricated. Apple will not be changing webkit to something else after all these years and improvements. What would it switch to? And please don't say Gecko... What you probably heard is that Apple is changing the JavaScript engine (from Apple's...
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    What Apps Are You Getting...?

    The AppStore won't be able to fix MMS. The jailbroken app will only let you send MMS—there's no way to receive them. Additionally, you have to ask AT&T to enable it—which you would need another phone for since AT&T blocks MMS by IMEI number if it believes it's tied to an iPhone. That said...
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    Ok...we have ALL complained, but WHY STEVEY?

    (a little OT but shame we have to wait until February for new episodes... that writer's strike really messed up my TV schedule... ;)
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    Ok...we have ALL complained, but WHY STEVEY?

    I assume you mean Hurley from Lost... dude's also insane! ;)
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    Difference between V1 and 3G?

    I would get the new phone if you have access to 3G service. You're just going to get a better experience overall imo. v1 is kind of like paying for (almost) broadband internet but only getting dialup speeds. Sometimes I wish EDGE was faster so I don't pull out the iPhone as much as I could when...
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    Ok...we have ALL complained, but WHY STEVEY?

    If Apple hasn't added MMS yet, they will never do it. But I still think there's hope for copy/paste. That's the only feature I'm missing. Seeing as Apple's accounting model is scheduled to give v1 phones updates at least until about this time next year...
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    Difference between V1 and 3G?

    Until someone has a phone in their hands, Apple's claims are subjective. There's also reason to believe the original iPhone may inherit longer battery life (and subjectively "better audio", whatever that means...) with the 2.0 software. Why not? When you activate a v1 phone, Apple still gets a...
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    Better ringtones

    I don't know why they would change the format this late in the game though. It's actually more of an iTunes issue than a 2.0 firmware issue—since one would expect the same ringtones they paid for to continue working in v2 as well. Hopefully lucky number iTunes 7.7 doesn't change much in this...
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    What Apps Are You Getting...?

    It's not a 3G issue... it's more GPS imo. GPS is not a particularly strong signal by itself and you have to lock onto at least 4 of those faint signals. And with all those different receivers in the case, you want as much surface area as possible. Of course better cell reception is a good thing...
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    Thank You system

    Can this also prevent a poster (b) from thanking another poster (a) who then thanks the original poster (b) for no apparent reason other than "thank you" in response to the thanks? Seems this could easily become abused by someone registering 2 screen names, making not necessarily helpful...