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    Goodbye Vapor Hello Atomic Hybrid (Review Inside)

    My Atomic Hybrid hasn't chipped or anything. I also don't drop my phone or do anything to cause it to chip. With regular use I have had no issues.
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    Goodbye Vapor Hello Atomic Hybrid (Review Inside)

    Correct the back or the screen does not touch. It's a very small gap but enough for it not to make contact.
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    Goodbye Vapor Hello Atomic Hybrid (Review Inside)

    Hey Guys, I decided to dump the Vapor after I received my new Atomic Hybrid today. This case is amazing, I tried everything on my Vapor and it was working decent but under the case I had 3 different types of tape. This case goes right on out of the box and it works just as well as my Apple...
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    Best case ever! ElementCase Vapor4

    Yes it definitely affected my signal, especially in my office and at home. I have it on right now in my house with 3 bars of cellular signal and full wifi signal.
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    Text from any screen

    QuickReply is my fav thing about having a JB phone.
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    New CYDIA Fast and Awesome!

    Dead Link, No Good.
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    Best case ever! ElementCase Vapor4

    Here's a pic of my Vapor before I put it on, I lined the inside of it with Non-conductive Polycarbonate tape.
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    Best case ever! ElementCase Vapor4

    Will post pics shortly, only camera I have at the moment is my iPhone. BTW People concerned about service, I purchased a roll of Non-Conductive Polycarbonate Tap and lined the inside of the case. When I am in my office I have 3 bars and when I'm outside I have full service. I tried a few diff...
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    Best case ever! ElementCase Vapor4

    I just got my Vapor today, I love it I got the red and black combination. I am selling my mint condition Fusionwerkz Raw if anyone is interested.
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    Mophie Juice Pack For iPhone 4?

    Just picked up my mophie from an AT&T store by me. Just put it on, it has a nice design but I think I like the design of my 3gs mophie better
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    I found Bumper cases cheap

    Funny you posted this, some guy locally on craigslist is trying to sell these bumpers for $10 a piece.
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    iPhone and 4g

    From what i read steve jobs admits the facetime feature is crippled right now and not at its full potential with att 3g. Personally i use 3G Unrestrictor with Facetime 3G hack and i have used facetime over 3g everyday this week and it works well.
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    iPhone and 4g

    iPhone 4 hardware is not capable of 4G. My guess is when 4G becomes available to AT&T, Apple will most likely release a 4G version of the iPhone, Maybe like a 4GS lol. Alot of people think iPhone 4 is iPhone 4G but its just the 4the generation or release of the iPhone
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    Is it Possible?

    Yes you can but you have to get the new Zagg Invisible Shield that was just released this week. Best Buy stocks them, make sure you look at the box and on the front in a gold seal it says "Works with any case" Best Buy still stocks the original version too but at long as you get the new version...
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    What's the resale value of my iPhone 4?

    Yeah I don't know. I paid $199.99 on a 2Yr extension and $35.00 for my Otterbox Defender which was originally $50.00