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    Yahoo push email problems since update...

    I followed GuyFawkes instructions and moved all important emails to a new folder on I also deleted everything in the inbox and synced up the iPhone now its working perfect. Thanks Guy ;)
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    Now we can use the iPhone WITHOUT AT&T

    didn't I just post this? Whats a matter no one likes my topics?
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    iPhone unlocked for other carriers

    Well at least T-Mobile. Spring & Verizon are CDMA ;)
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    iPhone unlocked for other carriers

    According to hackint0sh @ they managed to get the iPhone unlocked. Anyone think its true? I really think if you want it you should have to get AT&T IMHO. Anyone else have thoughts or tried it?
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    Calendar appointment time change?

    Has anyone else been having their WHOLE iPhone Calendar appointments being set 4 hours behind. This is REALLY annoying. Not to mention affecting my appointments. God I hate the 1.0.1 update everything was working fine until they released that crap... :mad:
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    Yahoo push email problems since update...

    hey has anyone else been having problems with yahoo push email since 1.0.1 update. All of a sudden it takes like 35-45 minutes for me to get a email or someone to get it after I send it. I tried hard reset on phone and just rebooting it to no avail. Please help someone its driving me nuts!
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    iSkin Revo

    Wow can I borrow some money? LOL j/k I canceled my order through their web site. I am waiting for CC statement though...
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    Keyoard Clicks

    Mine doesn't click while scrolling the contacts, I believe you guys are thinking about those drop down boxes that scroll around like on The Price is Right...
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    my iPhone is acting up

    Since the update of 1.0.1 I noticed that with the pass code lock it doesn't make the typing sounds on the password when its set to the new times (e.g 5,10, whatever minutes) anyone else have this problem?
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    Success/Brick Stories After Modding...

    I used iFuntastic to mod the carrier logo and the ringtone to the one from iLife. Was easy as pie... P.S. It only works on Intel based Macs not PPC's
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    Anyone use Applesauce polish on their iPhone?

    This is like the other post where no one posts pics. If you want pics of it goto the Macrumors link:
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    British iPhone

    LOL @ Petalmom - Yes we are very sure... LOL
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    Buff out scratches, new look to iPhone

    Its cool but GOD FORBID you scratch the iPhone screen. I guess its real good if you already have scratches. Wait now that I think about it. Will the iPhone screen get scratched even if you do it. Remember the key test?
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    Smart modders/hackers....lets fix the volume.

    Id be more than glad to edit it if I could actually get iPhoneInterface to work. I get jailbreak to work but when I "ls" I don't see any /Applications/ folder. :frown:
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    Looking to fix a little nick on the back of my phone

    yes and screw up your iPhone like Boy Genius.