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    Apple Music indexing problems

    I logged out of my Apple Music account, and logged back in. Now my entire imported Beats library is gone. The only items are my purchased items. Not ready for prime time. Shouldn't have these types of problems.
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    Apple Music indexing problems

    I imported my library from Beats, and it appears much of the indexing is now a mess. I can either manually, or have Siri, play a specific song and a different song altogether will play. It appears there is a significant indexing problem. Any one know a solution?
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    Transferring messages w/o restoring from backup

    Is there any way possible to transfer imessages without having to restore from backup? I really want to set my 6+ up as new and kind of start over, but I don't want to delete some message threads, mainly from family. One of the cool things about ios8 is the details for contacts showing a lot...
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    Bluetooth in car

    i can' get my 6+ to pair. Drive a 2012 Volvo S80. extremely frustrating. this isn't gen 1. i'll try the icloud delete idea.
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    Any bets on what time iOS 8 will be released?

    update needs 5.7GB to download. total bs. who has 5.7GBs on a 16GB phone. unbelievable.
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    Notification Center on iOS 7

    I have everything that is relative, at least i think, enabled, but have never seen a "next destination" on my notification screen i also noticed under history that it has only logged 3 destinations. any idea why only 3 would be logged (2 of the 3 are work and home on two different days) and...
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    Anyone actually using PhotoStream?

    i really enjoy it. have had no problems.
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    help 4.3.1 failed and phone is stuck in recovery

    thanks for your help. that did it.
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    help 4.3.1 failed and phone is stuck in recovery

    i can't get the phone to restore. keep getting an error 1013 when trying to restore. same computer where i've done all my updates. i've never had one fail, and have never been forced to restore. any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Words with friends problem

    have you tried syncing with iTunes? i would transfer purchases from your iPhone and then sync.
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    keeping the screen clean

    is it just me, or does it seem to be more difficult with use to keep the screen free of smudges? smudges drive me crazy, and it seems to smudge easier and be more difficult to wipe clean. are there any products safe to use on the screen?
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    Video: Belkin Grip Vue iPhone 4 Case Review

    because of the fit it's peeled up the corner of a perfectly installed invisible shield. i'm bummed. anyone else having this problem?
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    Video: Belkin Grip Vue iPhone 4 Case Review

    love it as well. picked it up friday, and the longer i've had it the more i like it. IS on front. total protection.
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    Everythingicafe: the community app now available in the app store

    yes i'm in the us. searched on "eic" and still don't see it. i've searched on everythingicafe, everything, and cafe.
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    Everythingicafe: the community app now available in the app store

    i'm not seeing it in the app store.