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  1. S doesn't work at Apple store

    Is it ok to leave the iPhone jailbroken or should it be put back in jail?
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    Unlocked iPhone with AT&T

    Not sure if this will help, but when I go to the USA, I put in my old att sim card which I still keep an account on, hook up to "INdependence" and activate it. I still have the 1.0.2 in my unlocked iPhone.
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    iPhone in Japan

    The easiest way would be to change $5 at the currency exchange and get some coins and use a pay phone which there are many all over the airport. Remember, when calling him local you add the "0" and drop the country code. For instance if he has a Tokyo number it might start out like 03-xxx-xxxx...
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    Unlocking pros and cons

    I'm overseas and just unlocked it with the $45 software ( there is free stuff) since I don't really know what I'm doing with the programing thing and it works great. The instructions had to be gleaned from a couple of websites so it took me about 30 minutes. With a good set of instructions it...
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    $4,800 phone bill from a turned off iPhone out of the country

    Lock the sim card and the iPhone will be able to use wifi and other features with the exception of Edge and of course the phone. Then, if needed, just tap in the unlock code and the phone and Edge is available.... This has solved my problem when overseas and also protects the sim in case the...
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    Bang & Olufsen Earset 2 Bluetooth headset

    I know this doesn't directly answer your question but I have a half a dozen BT headsets ( not Apple ) and the B&O. By far the B&O has better voice quality, mainly for the person you are talking to. I still experience the static when the phone is not in line of sight and I went to the B&O store...
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    Official Using Cucusoft for DVD to iPhone Video Conversion

    I haven't used cucus but I do use handbrake to rip the dvd's and then the final is done by visual hub. I've done it this way with the last dozen dvd's with no problems and they are all on my iPhone. They take less than 400 mb each. Unfortunately I haven't tried it on any dvd's purchased in the...
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    The iPhone Girl

    Whew, I've been living in Asia too long..... Are those what I think they are?:eek:
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    incase rubber case buttons wearing down?

    Dang, I've had my black one for 3 weeks and it's too stretched out to use, bummer. I did get a return number from incase to get an exchange and hope they changed the compound. I really like the case. Mine didn't scratch the bezel and I live on the beach and frequent it so it might be the actual...
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    Best way to rip DVD's to iPhone?

    I use handbrake to rip the dvd and put it on the desktop and then Visual Hub to install it into iTunes and then iPhone. The reason I do this is that the HB does a great job of ripping down to 700mb and then VH formats it for iTunes and iPhone. The size is about 370mb so I have a dozen videos on...
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    Otterbox (not released yet)

    That is way cool. I live on the beach and usually stick it in a zip-lock baggy so this would be a huge improvement... :2cool:
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    Able to shrink Silicone incase?

    no, but you can go to their website and request a return number and get a new one. Some guys have posted attempts to shrink it but the results were not good. go to the bottom of the page, returns.....
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    AT&T phone bill

    AT&T bill Yup, that is normal. Just keep an eye on your monthly statements as they tend to get creative.
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    AT&T phone bill

    check last months bill very carefuly. The detailed bill is usually quite lengthy so it's easy to miss things. Good luck!
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    AT&T phone bill

    call att and get credited for the roaming. You have an unlimited data plan. I have to do that every month as they overcharge at least $40-$70 per bill. Imagine the thousands that don't check their bill...