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    What is the difference between 2G talk time and 3G talk time?

    the current iPhone gets 24 hours of audio playback. do your research.
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    Is anyone disappointed?

    kinda sucks to see a plastic back piece... But my current iPhone is made of aluminum so that rocks! :2cool:
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    How many people do you know own an iPhone?

    i think i could name about 20 people that own an iPhone, but i work at iPhone support for Apple so we all pretty much have one.
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    New VoIP app, NikoTalkie... anyone else try it?

    someone try and contact me to see how this works.. my username is stuart9682
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    New VoIP app, NikoTalkie... anyone else try it?

    I REALLY like this app. I just wish I knew more users. the new e-mail fetaure is flippin sweet.
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    Apollo Verson 1.0 is out

    the new ApolloIM v1.0 is working with my dotMac account as well. Now, that is impressive. :2cool:
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    Carrier Logo Request Thread

    this really isn't a carrier logo but it's the "Default_Play.png" and "FSO_Play.png" items reworked to resemble the gimmesometunes menubar icon from OS X. Replaces the boring triangle play icon. Don't forget to add a y to the end of these file names once you get them in the appropriate directory.
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    iPhone Screenshot Thread

    no, I'm just using a Summerboard theme (the Phiberglass theme) but I only have the theme icons turned on. Then I used the to change the carrier logo and to put a transparent dock down, and a wallpaper I found a while back. The play icons are my own creation, then I used iShare to...
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    iPhone Screenshot Thread

    Customized the 'Play' and carrier icons in the toolbar (made the play icons myself), and using Phiberglass icons on the SummerBoard. If anyone likes my play icons i can find a way to post them.
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    Changing the Battery

    i would love to change some of my icons in the status bar, mainly the airplane icon and the play icon. does anyone know off hand what the resolution of these png's must be?
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    How Do I Delete Ipong And Other Apps ?

    use Installer to install rSBT. now use rSBT to put those icons and any others you might prefer under the 'Hidden' section. Now they should be gone from your main screen.
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    iPhone Screenshot Thread

    is that thing scratch-and-sniff?
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    iPhone Screenshot Thread

    1. I use rSBT and SpringBoard 2. I use Finder or Dock to launch some apps that are not on my SpringBoard.
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    iPhone Screenshot Thread

    wow. this thread kicks ass I just got mine how I like it. Kind of a minimalistic theme with a little pizzazz :2cool: I use my dock to launch anything that doesn't have an icon. I love my dock.
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    No Keyboard Clicks "Sound"

    John: The two setting are similar, but different. The top 'Vibrate' under "Silent" is the setting that determines whether your phone vibrates while the Ringer switch is set to Silent. The bottom 'Vibrate' under "Ring" is the setting that determines whether your phone vibrates with the ringer...