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    Ladies Thread!

    SO, its been a very long time. I tried deleting my account however, can't figure out how so whatever. I love my job! It's great! I can't wait to see some new stuff come in though. I had some things wrong with my phone and working there makes it easier to swap it out. =) HOLIDAY SUCKS...
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    closing membership

    how the heck do you close your membership with this forum.
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    Ladies Thread!

    just started...i don't want to lose it already. hey there is something i do know that i can tell you. mac os X leopard comes out in 3 dayz.:wink:
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    Ladies Thread!

    I just wanted it to stand out...forgive me
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    Ladies Thread!

    How do YOU...? So, how does everyone use the keyboard? I use my right middle finger...I've tried using both hands and I cannot type a single word without out messing it up. also good news today. I just got the job at the Apple store where I'm located. I'm SUPER excited. The manager seemed...
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    MMS is really pissing me off!

    I'm constantly gtting picture emails from friends and yes, it sends me to that stupid site. Well, if all my friends just sent emails like I CONTINUE to ask them, it wouldn't cost me a text message. Problem is, my boyfriend and I used to go back and forth w/ mms and now...we can't. :frown: and...
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    Ladies Thread!

    IT doesn't HAVE to be just for WOMEN, just thought it'd be nice for the ladies to have their own forum since I think that forum consists of mainly men... oh well, whatever.
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    Ladies Thread!

    LADIES...I know there are new ones around now that the price has dropped, boyfriends and husbands are finally talked into buying the iPhone for ya! just kidding around. My boyfriend paid for mine, boy was that difficult. ANYWAY, how is everyone liking their phones so far. Anyone enjoying the...
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    iPhone Haiku

    #1 nice, when first revealed annoyed, when saw commercials chil, l now i have it! #2 crazy the price WAS bought the iPhone anyway PISSED the price IS
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    Verizon's iPhone killer

    ha, sooo like Korean's to copy stuff. Ever notice the Hyundai name and symbol are just like Honda? and everyone of their cars are NOT original looking. they copy Jaguar, Honda, Lexus, mercedes, on and so forth... i'm not being racial, just an annoyed half japanese girl. ;)
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    Sluggish phone since 1.1.1

    i've had the same problems before the latest update. unfortunately, i had to send my phone in to get fixed. HOWEVER, when I had received the temp. phone from the tech support, i had even more problems from the temp phone. LUCKLY i hadn't made it to fedex to send in my original phone in, i just...
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    What do you drive or ride?

    seriously must stop buying the cars i want. anyway, hook a girl up with a seriously awesome photo of the mini...please? want it for my iPhone wallpaper. the boyfriend doesn't like the sunflower...because he borrows my phone for the ipod feature.
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    So who won?

    How did you get the e-mail addresses? I don't remember putting it on that thread, were we supposed to?
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    What do you drive or ride?

    THANKS...very happy now. i like the sk2 stock wheels best though. personal pref.
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    newest comments from people: "is that the iPhone? I'm so jealous!" "so and so told me you had the iPhone..." (funny, my co-workers talk about how I have the iPhone and how they want one too...I didn't even tell them, they just find out)